Top 5 Foundation Favourites

Top 5 Foundation Favourites
Top 5 Foundation Favourites

There may be another foundation to add to this (keep an eye out for a future foundation review!), however, these 5 foundations have very much stood the test of time (maybe minus the It CC cream… which is only 2 months old). These are foundations I have used daily (in rotation) for as long as I can remember!

Little update on my skin: I have normal to dry skin, it’s spot prone, I wear foundation mainly to cover redness though. I find foundations don’t crease too much on me and they always wear away on my nose first… but that’s just me! Also… I’m pale… af!

Rimmel Lasting Finish Breathable Foundation

I feel like this foundation split opinions… however, I’m definitely one of those who loves it! It’s a really good everyday light coverage foundation that applies super quickly and wears well. This is my ‘I’m having a good skin day and I need to get ready super fast’ foundation!

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EX1 Invisiwear Foundation

I don’t think I’ve really spoken about this much on my blog, but it’s a good foundation. I think this is probably the least favourite of the 5 (and so will get kicked out by the new upcoming review you’ll see this week). However, it’s a really good medium coverage, long wearing foundation that really works with my skin type.

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Top 5 Foundation Favourites

NYX Total Control Drops Foundation 

This is such a liquidy foundation, however, when you get used to it, it’ s a great foundation! It works both as a light coverage and full coverage foundation (depending on layers applied) and it does make my skin look super flawless! It’s long wearing and super easy to apply!

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Max Factor Face Finity All Day Flawless Foundation 

I feel like this is my all time ride or die. While I go in and out of using this everyday, it is THE foundation that has stuck by me year in year out. I’ve had around 3 bottles of this over the year, making it the only foundation I’ve ever repurchased.. I think! It’s a stunning medium-full coverage foundation that just makes your skin look airbrushed. It wears really nicely and just so many heart eye emojis!

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It CC Cream 

This is a new fav of mine.. well I say new, I mean I discovered it about 2 months back. It’s one of those magic foundations that is simultaneously low and high coverage! Basically it evens out the skintone like no other, but lets things like freckles peep through…! This is the one and only foundation I like to apply with a brush and it’s just so unique I feel like it’s so worth the hype!

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What’s your favourite foundation? Let me know down below!

Katie x

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    1. It realy isn’t that cheap for the drugstore, but I really love it! however, the new NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop foundation is pretty good too… however, I’m still in the trial stage 🙂 x

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