Month: July 2016

Topshop SALE Wishlist

Everyone loves a good sale right? Topshop sales are absolutely amazing, second to Zara! So, I thought I would go through Topshop’s online Sale and chose some complete steals to share with you! Frayed Brim Fedora || £22 £10 Since buying my first black fedora, I have fallen in love with this style of hat. And this

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Makeup Collection

For a lot of this week I’ve been posting about drugstore makeup, so today I’m going to talk about how I store my ridiculous drugstore heavy makeup! Basically I’m going to let the pictures talk for themselves (sorry they’re blurry, but my makeup collection gets quite dark…) Essentially, I store the main bulk of it

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Rimmel | My Top Picks

A few days I spoke about my favourite Drugstore brand of all time – Maybelline – today I’m here to talk to you about my second favourite Drugstore brand – Rimmel. I feel like if Maybelline didn’t exist, this is where I’d head to find products I needed. Fix and Protect Primer || £6.99 Not my favourite

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