Big, Chewy Cookie Recipe

For those of you who live in England, you will all know that last night we were graced with Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry on our TV Screens with the return of The Great British Bake Off! And like many others across the Great Britain I have officially caught the Baking Bug – yes, that is a thing.. I decided. Today I baked an old classic of mine; Big, Chewy, Chocolate Chip Cookies. Those ones that a big and chewy – I think they’re in the style of American Cookies. But I thought I would share with you my recipe….


100 YouTube Subscribers!

I made it! 100 Subscribers! I know you’re all probably thinking ‘what the hell Katie, it’s only 100, chill the f**k out’. But to me this is a huge milestone! This is my subscriber count while writing this blog post; Thank you all who subscribed, it has literally made my day to reach this. Side note: I’m so close to 500 subscribers on my blog! I am completely grateful for all of your support, you are all the reason why I keep doing this – I mean I would probably still write and post even if no one was reading…

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ROMWE Wishlist

So we all know I love a bit of shopping – in fact I love shopping just a little too much – and while scrolling through (well basically) every website out there, there’s a little advert at the side for ROMWE. So I thought I would check it out and create a little list of things I wish I could buy from there. Navy Skirt | £16.55 – I’ve wanted a skirt exactly like this for ages! I feel like they’re so classy and sophisticated and they always look far more expensive than they are. Graffiti Dress | £8.21 – Now Kevin hates this…


Story Time | My Battle With Depression

So today we’re getting all personal, and I’m telling you about something very personal that I don’t often talk about, and something I have kept very close to my heart. However, I mentioned it briefly in my Reverse Bucketlist but I thought I would devote an entire blog post to one of the biggest periods of my life. I am a recovered self-harmer, and I have fought my own battle with depression. I feel like that’s the biggest secret of my life. While many people in my life know – family, friends, boyfriend – most people I meet I never mention this…


Products I Regret Buying #2

I wrote one of these a while ago (read it here) and, since then, I have found a few more products in my collection that I really do regret buying, for various reasons. I often share with you products that I am loving I thought I would share with you products of the other degree. YSL Volupte Shine Lipsticks This makes me so sad to talk about, because the look completely stunning! And to be honest I actually really like the colours, and how it looks on my lips and well basically everything except from the smell. I can’t quite…


PS Primark Makeup

Primark Makeup has been taking the YouTube world by storm, and while the reviews have been mixed, we are faced with the fact that these are some of the cheapest products out there and, whether we like it or not, Primark has actually come out with some half decent makeup products! Linked is my YouTube video demonstrating my first impressions of the products, but I’m here to let you know my thoughts and feelings nearly one month on. The Base Products The Foundation is still a hit with me. For a lightweight, light coverage, semi-matte foundation this is actually really…


Review: Scrub Love Coffee Scrub

I avoided the whole coffee scrub hype for many months because… well… to put it bluntly I don’t like Coffee (don’t worry guys… I still love tea, I’m still British and I still get my caffeine fix to make me a human being). However, I received this Mint Scented Scrub from Scrub Love and it’s changed my perception of Coffee scrubs completely. Firstly, just look at the packaging, it’s adorable! Mint green and polkadots, what more could you want? The coffee scrub comes in this resealable package with instructions on the back. What is it? This is effectively a grounded,…