Products I Wish Were Never Discontinued

makeup Products I Wish Were Never Discontinued

Don’t you hate it when you fall in love with a brand and then… bam, they just randomly discontinue the product! I was sorting out my makeup before I moved and noticed I had a surprising number of discontinued favourite in my collection! And while I appreciate times change and products move on, sometime you do wonder why.

But, as this is all completely out of our control, I thought I would just share with you the products I’ll miss now they’ve been discontinued!

Makeup Products I Wish Were Never Discontinued

B. Cosmetics Brushes

I mean these weren’t discontinued as much as repackaged and relaunched… and I wrote a full blog post about this, but they’re really not as good. The new brushes aren’t as full as the older ones, and are definitely more flimsy. And I get why B. repackaged. For those of you who don’t know, they were Superdrug’s own brand makeup line, and they’d launched a million years ago and then makeup came leaps and bounds and the brand hadn’t quite kept up. But why ruin a part of the range that wasn’t broke!

New Look Baked Highlighter in Pink Pearls

New Look launched a makeup line… and then like a year later got rid of it. And it’s such a shame, because this highlighter was amazing and they had quite a few other products in the line I enjoyed. I feel like the trend of fashion brands coming out with makeup lines is kind of over though.

Topshop Lipsticks

I don’t have mine anymore… because I actually used them up. Yes, I finished a lipstick (or two in this case). Topshop are another one of the fashion brand makeup lines. And I feel like they had one of the best ones. Their old lipsticks were adorable, with white tubed with black lines round them! They briefly repackaged before disappearing.

H&M Single Eyeshadows

This is the last one I promise! But another fashion brand makeup line that was amazing but is now gone. I used to love their single eyeshadows, but they also had great blushes! What happened to them all!

Makeup Products I Wish Were Never Discontinued

L’Oreal True Match Highlighter in Icy Glow

I think some of the other shades in this line are still around, but I used to love this highlighter! As someone who is very pale, a lot of highlighter are too dark for me and this was one of those highlighters that did just work! Wasn’t so keen on the packaging, but I’ll miss it!

Rimmel The Only One Matte Lipsticks

I was OBSESSED with these. In my opinion, one of the best lipstick formulas Rimmel have ever released. They still have The Only One range, but not the matte one. Such a shame…

Rimmel Kate Moss 107 Lipstick

Now this one just hurts. Who remembers when this was EVERYWHERE! Pretty sure it was Zoella (or Zoe Sugg as she is these days) who propelled this to fame.. but it was an iconic shade. Mine has gone off, but it is already missed!

NYX Studio Liquid Liners

I mean this is one of those things I miss… but I can get over because NYX have so many different liquid liners it’s not the end of the world. But I did love this bright blue liquid liner….!

Makeup Products I Wish Were Never Discontinued

M&S Rosie for Autograph Loose Highlighter in Rose Bud

This is another one of those brands not around, but when it was it was a big thing! Thought I’m not sure if this was only ever meant to be a temporary range. Either way, I LOVE this highlighter! and it’s one of those discontinued products I’ve just kept hold of for personal use. Fingers crossed they come back with something new soon…

POP Beauty Pure Pigment in Metallic Copper

A brand still around, they’ve just continued their pure pigments. And I used to love this… but alas it’s now gone. However, would love to try some other things from their range since visiting their website!

RIP. You’ll all be missed! What’s the product you wish a brand never discontinued? Also, I don’t tend to get limited edition collections, but let me know which one you wish they would bring back!

Katie x

27 thoughts on “Products I Wish Were Never Discontinued

  1. The Rimmel 107 lipstick has discontinued?! No, I don’t believe it. It was my first ever lipstick courtesy of Zoella of course back in like 2014 (OG Youtuber days haha). I’m also sad that the Topshop lipsticks have discontinued – there were some really good ones. In fact, I enjoyed most of Topshop’s beauty range but they’ve closed down like all of the Australian stores 🙁

  2. I’m so sad the Topshop lipsticks have been discontinued too! They were so affordable and the colours were great, and they came in a little box which made it feel all high end! xo

  3. Great post! I’m the same way! I’m loyal to a product forever and when it discontinues I feel lost!!

  4. Oh gosh, I hate this! I had a really great primer for lips some years ago and these days you can’t even find something similar anymore 🙁 The worst thing is you can’t just buy make up for stock, because it gets bad eventually.


  5. Great post! I remember a lot of these products from YouTube videos and I am very sad that they have been discontinued! A product that I used to use a lot a few years ago that got cancelled were the £1 lipsticks from makeup revolution. They were perfect for experimenting with colours!

  6. I haven’t heard of all of these but I find since I wear makeup so sparingly that whenever I go to repurchase it’s usually discontinued, haha! The only reason I change my products is when the old ones are discontinued!

    Hope you are having a great weekend 🙂 We went out and did more Christmas shopping yesterday which was fun 🙂

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