Review | L’Oreal Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks Les Macarons

Review | L'Oreal Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks Les Macarons

So we all know I’m a fan of L’Oreal lipsticks (feel like a broken record by this point), so when they launch new ranges I feel the need to try it! And here we are with the L’Oreal Les Macarons Ultra Matte Lipstick (woah mouthful) in the shade Blackcurrant Crush!

I’d picked up a number of neutrals and reds recently, I fancied a darker berry tone for once! And boy did they not disappoint, this shade is deep and rich and frankly gorgeous!

At £9.99 a pop they’re pretty much on par with every other liquid lip at the highstreet. And with 11 shades you have pretty much every ‘natural’ shade you need! You have nudes, and pinks, and reds and berry tones. I actually quite like that they haven’t succumbed to the social influencers of the world and produced a range of colours that the everyday makeup wearer would actually want to wear (like don’t get me wrong a blue lipstick is fun, but who wears them?)

Review | L'Oreal Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks Les Macarons

So I guess the first thing to note… although this is an ‘ultra matte liquid lipstick’ it’s really not matte. As you can see from the swatch below it’s this gorgeous satin shade that’s glossy at the start and more satin as it dries down. Never actually gets matte. I mean it doesn’t really bother me much as I quite like a glossy finish… but worth noting!

It has a beautiful sweet scent and a really beautiful tear drop shaped applicator!

It’s one of those lipsticks I would say you feel on the lips. Like it’s not uncomfortable or unwearable, just has a light sticky finish. It lasts actually a pretty long time. I was really impressed by the wear time. But it does wear off in the middle of the lips before anywhere else- making it look a little patchy.

Review | L'Oreal Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks Les Macarons

These dark berry tones are really hard to get right and I love how this is a strong (and NOT patchy) shade that really suits my skin tone! It’s made me really want to try some of the more wearable nudes from the range and see how they wear!

Have you tried this lipstick range? (I mean if you haven’t, give ’em a sniff, they’re delicious!)

Katie x

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  1. Love the deep maroon colour! Defiently something I’d wear. Thanks for sharing!

    Loren |

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