New | Max Factor Miracle Second Skin Foundation

New | Max Factor Miracle Second Skin Foundation

So we all know I’m obsessed with Max Factor. They’re almost like my favourite makeup brand of all time – which I feel it kind of unique as no one else ever talks about it! So when they announced a new foundation; the Max Factor Miracle Second Skin Foundation, I was excited!

At £12.99 it’s towards the higher end of drugstore makeup prices, but to be fair this is where Max Factor sits as a whole. It comes in a measly 13 shades that suits a good chunk of skintones but nothing to the width that makeup should these days. And it comes in quite a stylish tube with a pump.

New | Max Factor Miracle Second Skin Foundation

So now the borings are out the way, let’s talk formula. This is a low-medium coverage foundation (to be fair to them they never claim for it to be a full coverage foundation) that… can be a little temperamental! If you apply one light-ish layer over the top of clean, dry skin (without primer) and don’t use a lot of concealer, it looks stunning! It gives you skin a slight glow and a tiny bit of coverage. It lasts relatively well on the skin. And it leaves you looks healthy and natural and like it truly is your skin.

Now add an extra layer, use it too soon after applying skincare, use too much concealer over the top…. it becomes a mess! It makes your skin look weirdly fluffy and its like it sits on top of your skin rather than blending in with it! And the longer you wear it the worse it gets

New | Max Factor Miracle Second Skin Foundation

So now I’m really on the fence with it! If you want a very sheer light coverage just to help give you a little bit of coverage for a 60 second look, this will be the one for you. But if you want a foundation that’s the base for a full face of makeup, it’s really not the one for you!

Such a shame, because the 3in1 foundation they make is one of my favourites of all time!

Have you tried this? If so, what did you think? Also… is it just me, or should brands not be allowed to launch foundations with only 13 shades?

Katie x

8 thoughts on “New | Max Factor Miracle Second Skin Foundation

  1. Not just you katie. Brands should have every shades there is. I’m one person that doesn’t like the idea of mixing two shades to get my exact skin tone. Its frustrating. I’m actually going window shopping at the fair trade going on for makeup and skincare products. I hope I see this and test it out.

  2. Max Factor are so underrated! I haven’t seen anything about this but I think the packaging looks cool. I tend to prefer a light coverage but I already have favourites in that department so not sure if I’ll try this or not 🤷‍♀️

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