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For those of you who know my makeup preferences, you will know I love my Maybelline Colour Tattoos! They are an amazing base for your eyeshadows, they last really well, and they actually look really nice on their own as well. And so, when I saw that Revlon (a brand that I actually haven’t tried all that much from) was releasing some.. I got very excited. There are 6 shades available in our store, and so I thought I would share my thoughts with you.

The colour range is full of some beautiful neutral shades and then a grey and a purple toned shades to add some interest. 5 of the shades are super shimmery, and then there is one matte shade. So, straight off the bat, the colour range really calls to me, and I could see myself using all of them.

Revlon Eyes 4
(Left to Right): 755 (Licorice), 740 (Black Currant), 730 (Praline), 720 (Chocolate), 710 (Caramel), 705 (Creme Brulee)

Formula: they blend like a dream and they’re really easy to apply. Each of the package comes with a built in brush.. which is a bit naff, but using any other eye brush does the job. The matte brown (and somehow Caramel) is super pigmented and looks stunning blended into the crease and near the lash line. The shimmery shades are a lot less pigmented, they come out as a sort of wash of colour rather than a ‘wow colour’. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it’s something to keep in mind. They’re staying power is good, and they don’t move about too much, but the Maybelline ones are definitely longer lasting in my experience.

At £6.99 they’re £1 more than the Maybelline eyeshadows, and while Praline, Chocolate and Caramel are going to stay in my collection and I know I’m going to get a lot of use out of them, and possibly they’re easier to blend out over the Maybelline ones.. would I recommend them over the Maybelline creme eyeshadows…? Maybe not. (Wow, that was a long sentence…)

But Chocolate is stunning, like seriously, if you like using creme eyeshadows, this makes a stunning crease shade! And when partnered with Caramel… ugh favs!

Have you tried these? What are your thoughts?

Katie x

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