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Rimmel Maxi Blushes Review
Rimmel Maxi Blushes Review

Blush is one of those products I completely avoided for years and I have only recently really gotten into. I feel like they add so much life back to the skin and they are super flattering! Rimmel have launched their Maxi Blushes with 5 super flattering shades. While I only own 2 of the 5, they’re all seemingly universally flattering shades, and the one I am still lusting over is Sweet Cheeks!

They’re only £5.99 a pop and so super well priced.

Rimmel Maxi Blushes Review

The packaging is simple and kinda plain, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I find those mirrors you get in blushes and bronzers and stuff, while useful, I very rarely actually use them and they’re a little too small to be useful.

The two colours I have here are Wild Card, a matte, deeper mauvey coral shade, and Third Base, a shimmery pale pink with champagne reflects.

Rimmel Maxi Blushes Review

These are the kind of blushes that aren’t pigmented on first application but can be built up to be a bold blush if you want. Which is exactly how I like blushes! I’m petrified of those ones that make you look like a clown straight away! To be honest I actually really like pairing them together, because I love the base colour of Wild Card, but I really do like a shimmery blush.

They don’t look particularly powdery on the skin and they last as well as the foundation under it will allow.

Overall, I love these blushes, they’re super pretty and really nice colours!

Have you tried these? If so, what did you think?

Katie x

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  1. I don’t wear blush due to having keratosis pilaris on my face but those blushes are beautiful. I may try it out anyways haha (probs as an eyeshadow). I agree that the mirrors they try and put in powder products are never used. This is a really awesome post! <3

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