Review: MUA Pro-Base Concealer



I have been loving to wear this, along with my pressed powder, with my BB cream, or sometimes just on its own. It helps to even out any imperfections in my skin tone, as well as brightening my skin (without making it greasy). Here’s the colours explained
Peach – This warms up any blue hues around your eyes (i.e. covers up your dark circles, and makes you look away). Plus, you can also use this to cover a bruise if you’ve had a bump.
Lilac – Use this to brighten dull skin tones and counteract yellow tones, so it makes your skin look more healthy and vibrant.
Yellow – This works especially well on olive and tanned complexion to brighten around the eyes and so for me didn’t have a HUGE impact.
Green – This will neutralise red tones in your complexion, and for me is perfect, because I naturally have quite red skin.
Even though the colours each have their own special quality, I tend to just use all of it all over my face, just as an extra foundation.
The only downside of this product is that you have to carry it round with you, because it doesn’t last particularly well, and so you have to ‘top it up’ every sort of 4 hours, which isn’t always ideal, but I still love this product!
Plus, it was only £4! Bargain!


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