August Favourites






These are my favourites for this month, they’re just items that I’ve been using to death!
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer – This concealer is to die for! It’s incredible. Enough said.
Collection Speedy Blush – I love cream blushes for summer, and this one is just so easy to use, and looks so natural on, that it’s been my go to blush.
Frizz Ease Conditioning Mask – I have to admit, this is the first conditioning mask I’ve ever used. But, it still left my face feeling super soft, and silky, and easy to manage, and amazing.
Anklet – These are just adorable, and so feminine. This is just the current anklet I’m wearing, it’s beautiful, but it was bought for a present, and so I don’t actually know where it’s from
Button-Up Shirts – These just look so classy and make you look so put together, but the’re so easy. And so, I love to wear these when I’m going out
Borjois Lip Pencils – These are incredible, they’re fool proof, and they last for ages, because they sorta just stain your lips.
My Planner – I love organising, I’m actually obssessed. And this planner is awesome! It comes with spaces for each week, to-do lists, shopping lists, month planners, and budgeting pages. As well as stickers, an address book, and notes pages.
My Red Bag from Matalans – I bought this in a sale, and it’s a great bag to dress up a simple outfit.
Zoella Lip Balm – This is incredible, it’s really buildable, and really moisturising, and it’s another stain for your lip. Plus, the colour is super cute.
Zoella Body Lotion – This is both fun (because I am actually obsessed with watching the beads pop), and is a really great body lotion, it leaves your skin feeling really soft.
Micheal Grant – Light – I know, this is theoretically a kids book, but I read this when I was about 13, and the last book of the series wasn’t out, and now it is.. This is a series about a town where all the adults dissapear, and some of the kids develop supernatural powers. Sounds a bit cliche, but it’s actually really good.
River Island Black Sandals – These are incredible. They were £30, but they’re really comfy, and really easy to wear, and they’re black, so.. they go with everything. Plus, I feel like they’re a good staple piece.


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