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I, probably like many of you, have been bombarded with Function of Beauty paid for haircare reviews for the last year or two. And, while I have no doubt those people love it just as much as they would if it was a gifted product or even something they’d bought themselves, there is an element of doubt in the back of your mind that they’re being uber positive about it because cash has changed hands. So I thought I would bite the bullet, get my own bottles and share with you my experience (especially as my best friend got hers a few months back and has loved hers)!

The Quiz & My ‘Goals’

Just incase you don’t know how it works! Function of Beauty’s whole ethos is that everything is tailored to you and your needs, with every bottle being made from scratch and with individual ingredients. So, when you make your order, there’s a bit of a quiz to fill out (hair type, length, hydration etc.) which takes around 1-2 mins. It’s then followed by you choosing up to 5 key goals for your hair, which range from conditioning, volumising, heat protection and reducing brassiness. And then last, but not least (as it’s quite fun) you chose your fragrance, fragrance strength and colour! And then the name you want on your bottle!

Here were my hair goals (& function of beauty’s description on what it means);

Deep Condition – Moisturise and deeply conition dry damaged hair from the inside out, restoring hydration lost from heat and/or chemical processing

Lengthen – Promote healthy hair and scalp for longer, stronger locks

Reduce Brassiness – Prevent blonde of bleached hair from becomming brassy by using a pigment from the opposite side of the spectrum

Strengthen – Increase your hair’s resilience and elasticity, and protect you hair from breakage

Volumise – Rejuvenate limp, lifeless hair with noticeable volume, and cleanse hair free of buildup which may be weighing hair down

My colour was pre-set as purple (due to ticking ‘reduce brassiness’) and the scent is Pear.

Price & Delivery

Function of Beauty is a US based company. So you may be panicking about delivery or customs or anything, but it’s all relatively seamless. I ordered the 473ml Shampoo and Conditioner bottles with a 20% off discount code (the code I used has expired, but those sponsored posts often include a code in them). The cost is £39 (I paid £31.20), which tbf is really expensive! But they do last a really long time!

As I signed up to their membership scheme (which means you can chose to get them every x months – I chose every 6 months, but can also cancel at any time) postage was completely free. And if you live in ‘Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, EU, Hong Kong, Great Britain, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway and Switzerland’, you will not have to pay any customs on your order! Which is music to my ears, mainly because I don’t want to stand in the queues at the post office right now (they’re like a year long)

The only thing to flag… I ordered mine on Boxing Day, and it wasn’t in my hands until 23 Jan. Partly it’s because it’s made to order, partly because it comes from the States, and partly because Covid (& Brexit in the UK) is making oversees deliveries take ages.

My Thoughts

I hate how much I love this. Like I kind of wanted to hate it, because of the price tag… but I am not cancelling my membership and I’m 100% going to continue to get it. My hair has never looked and felt healthier! It’s super soft, super thick and healthy and it’s never looked less brassy in my life! (Like I probably won’t be getting my at home toning treatment anymore). My hair naturally grows quickly, but I’ve noticed the end look a lot less wraggly than they normally would! The shampoo doesn’t lather as much as some of my previous shampoos I’ve used (although they do pre-warn you of this, as their formula is more natural than many of the shampoos on the shelf in your local drugstore), and the conditioner is much lighter than some of the others I have…. but these are actually great things! It means your hair is left super clean and not weighed down, and means that I can actually leave it slightly longer between washes. The pear scent is really lovely, and as I went for medium scent, it doesn’t linger too much (which I prefer as it means I can swap out my perfumes without them fighting, but I also get to leave the shower with that initial lovely pear scent in my hair)… but you can up and down the scent strength as you prefer!

The pump is a little naff, and you can’t get much out of it in one go.. but I find it means you don’t get out too much product and it makes it last even longer!

So all in all… I’m obsessed. I can totally see why people rave about this. And, while I may try out other shampoo and conditioners inbetween (hence why sticking with my once every 6 months subscription, I mean I think these bottles will last nearly that long anyway), I am totally going to keep using this and I’m so excited to mess around with the different goals and see what changes and I can totally see my 5 goals I’ve picked so far on my hair!

Have you tried this? What did you think?

Katie x

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54 thoughts on “Function of Beauty | A NON-Sponsored Review

  1. Interesting. Now I want to look into it. Thank you for the non-sponsored review! With some of these brands investing in influencer marketing it’s hard to find someone who actually spent the money on the products (like with the iRestore device, that’s the main reason I posted about it). This helps to level the playing field!

  2. We’ve heard so much about function of beauty but haven’t given it a try yet, so it’s really nice to see such an honest and candid review! And it’s so crazy that it’s already had such a positive impact on your hair goals after such a short time! It might be time for us to give it a try as well. Thank you for sharing <3

    Britney |

  3. Love your honest review! I’ve been thinking of trying it! I love the customize part of the whole thing.

  4. Oh wow that’s great to see you love it so much. I like the ethos behind it and like you, the price tag would put me off originally but if you think it’s worth it then I might have to seriously look into it!

  5. Thank you for this! I have been wanting to try this for quite some time but was again deterred by the price… Might have to finally give it a try!

  6. I ordered shampoo and conditioner last year and haven’t gotten around to finishing my review post and snapping all the pictures yet, I really should. I chose the rose scent and it’s so lovely! Choosing your own colours and doing the quiz is fun x

      1. Exactly, it’s fun to personalise your products. I read something about a shea, milkshake scent but I think it’s only available at certain times or for subscribed members. I ordered my shampoo and conditioner as a one off so I didn’t get to choose that one haha x

  7. Hahaha love that you said you kinda wanted to hate it because of all the paid reviews you see! I totally feel that. I’ve seen soooo many posts about these and always heard good things. Love that it’s made to order so that kinda makes sense for the long delivery x

  8. I’ve always been really curious about this brand, I’ve heard good things but a lot of the posts were sponsored so it’s nice to see a post that isn’t! Even though it’s expensive it sounds like a great product x

  9. Love this post, I’ve seen so many people talking about these products and I love that you wanted to hate it because of this haha, but I’m glad you enjoyed it. That’s a lot more expensive than I was expecting, but it’s amazing that it’s made to order and it makes it feel slightly more personalised x

  10. I’ve seen tons of sponsored posts & videos for Function of Beauty so it’s great to finally read a non-sponsored post!
    The pear scent sounds lovely & it’s great to know that the shampoo & conditioner are actually effective & worth the price.

  11. My sisters swears by it day and night! i love that you can customise the order and scent to what you need and also great if you need to skip the next shipment for your shampoo! thanks for sharing x

  12. Okay, so I have been bombarded with paid ads for this stuff too & kept telling myself that they only love it because they got paid to like it… (because I low-key wanted to try it, but couldn’t make myself pay that much) But now you have me wanting to try it for real, lol! I appreciate you being honest like this & letting us hear a non-biased pov. <3

  13. I have now used this for something like two or three years, and I only get the shampoo – my hair HATES conditioner! – and usually get two or three bottle tops a year (this past year I got two for £29 each, which is quite cool considering I used to spend £12-£15 on shampoo every 2 months!) so to me it has been great for both my hair and wallet. The only thing I’d say it’s that I would love to switch to shampoo bars, but that has got nothing to do with the quality of this.
    Did I also mention I am a sucker for changing colour and scent every time?! It’s the kid in me! xx

  14. One of my best friends uses function of beauty and absolutely loves it! I know it has a large price tag but the quality sounds amazing, I have the same hair type as yours when it starts to grow so I think I should invest in it x

  15. I’m so glad that you really enjoyed it – I too am always super skeptical of products that have been heavily promoted by influencers. I really like how it is personalised to your hair type so I can see why it can be a bit expensive. I should try this sometime but I can’t justify buying more shampoo haha. x

  16. Oooh I haven’t tried products from Function of Beauty before. It is great that they are trying to tailor products to your main goals. For the price you paid, good quality shampoos and conditioners can cost a lot! Glad you loved the set! Gotta give it a try 🙂

    Nancy ✨

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