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So after my declutters last week there’s no secret now that I’m a lipstick addict (second only to my eyeshadow addiction). I love wearing a slightly and almost unrecognisably different shade of lipstick day after day and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

But there was one range of lipsticks I didn’t include in those declutters, and that’s because they’re new and I hadn’t tried them yet at the point of writing… but over the last two weeks I’ve been testing the various shades and here we are.

The new Revlon Super Lustrous Matte Lipsticks. In total 24 shades of beautifully matte black packed lipsticks for the grand old price of £8.99 a pop. I mean come on, that packaging is gorgeous… nothing particularly unique about it, but I mean do you really need to do anything out of the box? really? This is sleek and elegant and to the point.

New Revlon Lipsticks


Described on the Revlon site as an ‘Addictively comfortable matte lipstick, without the dryness or drag’, their claiming to have ‘re-defined the rules of matte lipstick’… quite a bold statement. And while they are beautifully pigmented, easy to apply and non-drying, I wouldn’t say they’re unique. They’re remarkably similar to the Rimmel’s The Only One Matte Lipsticks in the way that they glide onto the lips so easy without any tugging and without any need to go over it more than once.

They then continue to stay completely matte on the lips without drying out. However, they do that really annoying things matte lipsticks do where it begins to go patchy and clingy the longer you wear it. To be fair, most matte lipsticks do that, but I do find the L’Oreal Liquid Lipsticks don’t… so!

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The shade range is actually really expansive. There’s everything from your classic nudes and reds, to a beautiful bright fuchsia and purples and blues (yes, there’s a bright blue shade called Rhythm & Blues). And in an aim not to be completely wasteful, I picked up 6 shades that were in Superdrug (who aren’t actually stocking all 24 shades in store) and picked out the following shades (from left to right in the pictures & swatches)

004 Wild Thoughts | A Beautiful deeper pink toned nude. That kind of your lips but better shade you wear every day

011 Untold Stories | A nude in the more truer sense. It leans slightly more to the browner side, but it’s still a beautiful everyday shade

014 Shameless | A deeper, red based brown nude. I feel like this will be stunning come Autumn, but also works for those days where you’ve gone really light on the complexion and it really gives me the super pale white girl look.

015 Made it Pink | A slightly unusual shade for me, and not one I frequently wear on it’s own (in fact, I really like it over a darker lip liner), but it’s a really beautiful very pale pink shade

New Revlon Lipsticks 3

017 Crushed Rubies | Your classic cool toned red. Stunning. Classic. Beautiful

023 Cherries in the Snow | I feel like this is the stand out shade for me. A beautiful cherry coloured red, with hints of pink/fuchsia. This is one of those statement colours.

Money for Value

Being drugstore these lipsticks aren’t too expensive. But at £8.99 they’re surely not the cheapest options out there. However, I have to give Revlon credit where credit’s due. The packaging feels and looks good quality, the bullet shape is classic and the formula is lovely.

New Revlon Lipsticks 2

Overall Verdict

While I don’t think I’d put these as my top lipsticks of all time, they’re certainly up there. And they’re definitely sticking through this declutter I’ll tell you that!

What new lipstick formulas have you tried recently?

Katie x

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  1. I got given a creme version of Cherries In the Snow a few years ago and while it is really pretty it wasn’t quite right for me so I passed it on to my mum. Wild Thoughts looks stunning!

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