These Beauty Brands Recycle Your Product Empties (UK)

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So we all know I love an empties post as much as the next blogger. But if writing my ‘One Year of Empties‘ post taught me anything, it’s that the beauty industry really uses a crazy amount of plastic.

It’s actually kinda dreadful.

But the more I started thinking about it, the more I realised there has to be a solution out there. And just as I expected, there was. So many high street makeup and skincare brands recycle empty packaging. So I thought I’d collate it all in one place for you…

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The One That Recycles Every Brand

Neals Years will recycle any hard-to-recycle empties from any brand – such as face wipe packets, atomisers and pumps. While they encourage you to see what you can recycle at home first, they’re happy to help and you can find out more about it here.

The Brands That Give You An Incentive…

Everyone knows of the MAC scheme (return six MAC packaging containers and receive a free MAC lipstick of your choice), but they’re not alone. And there are some out there who I literally can’t believe I didn’t know about..! The Body Shop have a scheme where if you have the Love Your Body™ Club card, then you can return 5 bits of Body Shop packaging you get a £5 voucher… I could be so rich by now on vouchers if I’d known about this earlier!

L’Occitane also give you 10% off if you bring in an empty L’Occitane beauty, skincare and haircare packaging. And LUSH have a bring back five empty products and get a free face mask.

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The Brand That Does It All…

Through TerraCycle (described on their website as ‘a highly-awarded and globally recognised recycling company that develops zero waste solutions for difficult-to-recycle waste streams’) have partnered with highstreet brands such as Garnier and Burts Bees to recycle the seemingly unrecyclable. Simply choose the box size and category that best fits your needs, fill it up and send using the pre-paid UPS shipping label. If you’re recycling brands included on the site Garnier you can go via their websites to get the recycle their products for free.. if you’re recycling other beauty products, it isn’t cheap- see prices here

How do you recycle your product empties?

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