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Bourjois Lip Duo Sculpt Review
Bourjois Lip Duo Sculpt Review

So anyone who knows me knows that I am OBSESSED with the Bourjois lipsticks and their lip liners and pretty much their entire lip range! So, when I find out they’ve launched a new lip product, I am ALL over that! The new range of lipsticks are their Lip Duo Sculpts, they’re £7.99 a pop and come in a total of 6 shades ranging from nudes, to pinks, to reds, to purples.

Bourjois Lip Duo Sculpt Review

Essentially the concept is thus. They are dual lipstick crayons that allow you to both line and fill at the same time to create that ombre lip that makes your lips look full and plump. Nice idea right? The packaging is simple, and a little fun. I love how it’s black, but you can tell what colour it is by the colour of the lid and font. The lipstick itself is a rectangle applicator with a darker shade which is about 1/4 of it, and then the lighter shade which is the other 3/4.

Bourjois Lip Duo Sculpt Review

The shades I have (from left to right in the swatched below) are 06 Rouge Tango, 03 Granade-In, 02 Peach Shade and 01 Pink Twice. Overall, I love the colour range, they’re all super wearable and super pretty. I do feel like the ‘liner’ shade is just a tad too different from the ‘filler’ shade, and I do think these would be much more wearable if they were a little closer. However, if you apply and then tap it in with your finger tip, it does blend together actually pretty well!

Bourjois Lip Duo Sculpt Swatch

On general application is much easier on the top lip than the bottom, because obviously you have to turn it round to make sure the darker shade is on the outside of your lip. However, it is something you definitely get used to. It is a bit stark on first application, but if you tap it down and blend it in with your finger tips it does look super pretty and works pretty well! To start off with it does look really pretty! The lipstick has a pretty satin finish, is pretty kiss proof and generally looks pretty. However, I find it doesn’t wear well! I can’t really explain why, but it’s like the two different tones wear different and so you end up getting this separated mess on your lips. Yeah, I really just wasn’t impressed with the wear time on this, in a few hours it looks like a right mess. Which is such a shame, because in general Bourjois lipsticks last FOREVER!

Bourjois Lip Duo Sculpt Review

So all in all, a nice concept, great packaging, great shade range, good price, the application is a bit awkward and the wear time is… not so great. So I wouldn’t say I would recommend them. I would say, 100% go for pretty much any other Bourjois lip option!

Have you tried these? If so, what were your thoughts?

Katie x

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