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L'Oreal Powder (1)

More slightly blue tinted products from L’Oreal.. I mean it’s in the same range, so I shouldn’t be that surprised, but still what is it with L’Oreal and randomly blue products? Two days ago it was a beautifully hydrating primer, today’s is a ‘Magic Loose Powder’.

Unfortunately this is not actually a magic powder (because that would be far more interesting!), but it is a loose setting powder! At £8.99 for 6g it’s not actually that affordable, but at least (I guess) it’s not a large expense in one go…

L'Oreal Powder

The packaging is simple, slim and ideal for travelling! It’s elegant and fluff (as in pointless things) free. And while some people may complain it doesn’t come with a silly puff or circle pad… I actually welcome it- because I never use those anyway!

I’ve actually never tried a L’Oreal powder before, so I hadn’t any bench mark to measure this against… however, I’ve often loved L’Oreal products!

L'Oreal Powder 1

The first thing to say about this powder is that’s it’s SUPER fine! It’s such a fine and delicate powder that it looks like nothing on the skin! It leaves the skin looking and feeling really smooth!

And, while using it as a general face setting powder… it’s not one you can bake with, and one I find you have to be quite careful with under the eyes, as it does have a blue hue!

L'Oreal Powder 2

A brief one today! But it’s a powder… past the fact it’s a really fine and sits on the skin beautifully and it’s blue tinge… there’s not much more to say about it!

Have you tried this? If so, what did you think?

Katie x

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