I Upped My Pinterest Game For 1 Month… What Did I Learn?

I don’t know about you, but Pinterest has always been a minefield! It’s one of those platforms I’ve never truly been able to master, nor have I really had the time to look into it! However, as I was on part time furlough in February and early March, I felt like it was the time to try!

And I thought I just HAD to share with you everything I learnt!

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Stage 1 – Learning

It’s safe to say, I was coming in completely cold! I read a few of Kayleigh’s posts and, while she covers a lot of topics, I felt like I needed someone to talk me through, step by step, what I should be doing! So I paid and did two courses – the Pinterest with Ell and Sincere Mommy. With the first being a more expensive, but fuller and more detailed course and the latter being cheaper and more top line.

I really enjoyed Pinterest with Ell‘s course. It’s safe to say, a $46.80 course is not a cheap one… but I throughly enjoy how this course took it back to very beginning in how to set up your Pinterest account and boards all the way to how Pinterest SEO and Analytics works! I feel like some of the latter stuff in the course (about how to post pints etc.) is available for free on websites such as Kayleigh, but that really early set up stuff really isn’t around!

And then with Sincere Mommy, I actually got it on offer, but it is $24.99. While it has a few useful tips in there, I feel like the real value of this course is the Pinterest templates for Canva (which I do use) and printable schedules, checklists and activity sheets (which I really haven’t used). I don’t feel like this course is worth the full price tag (but it was worth the deal I got it on for $6!). However, there is a really useful article on the Sincere Mommy blog on how to grow on Pinterest! Read it here.

Stage 2 – Where I Started

As an FYI – Safe to say, my Pinterest account set up is a bit of a mess… mainly because I had a non business account set up, I tried to make it a business account, I kept getting an error messages. So I now have a Business Account attached to my non-business account. It means I still get access to analytics and all the benefits of a business account, but the front end looks like a non-business account. I then tried making my business account the main one (i.e. changing my user names over), but got hit with error messages again. Not perfect, but unless I start again, it’s kind of where I am! And it’s working for me!

On 1 March, when I started implementing what I’d learnt, these were my Pinterest stats for the month prior. It’s worth noting I started pinning in February, but didn’t quite know what I was doing!

  • Impressions: 1450 (+48%)
  • Engagements: 39 (+77%)
  • Total audience: 922 (+208%)
  • Engaged audience: 15 (+200%)
  • Referrals to my website : 2 (-60%)

Stage 3 – How Did March Look

My goal for March was to pin between 5-10 pins most days and just see how it goes!

So every Sunday afternoon I would design at least 35 pins. I have around 15 Pinterest designs built on Canva which I use on rotation. And for those pins, around 75% are new posts and 25% are old posts from 2020 or before. And I usually do 1 video pin for every 7-10 static pins. Why? Mainly because that feels achievable, and also it feels like the right ratios for what I’ve read!

I then post and schedule these directly into Pinterest. I know a lot of people use an app like Tailwind, but as I’m new to this game, I didn’t really want to pay for something when I didn’t really know what I needed.

My titles were a combination of the actual title of my blog post, some really clickbaity type headlines (i.e. ‘Is this the worst foundation ever?’) and something really searchable (i.e. Swatches and a review of xxx’). And then my captions are written just as I would for an SEO description on my blog.

TIP: I’ve been told to think of Pinterest like a search engine, and so key words are king!

I set up loads of new boards, after learning they should be a little bit more focused than just ‘all my posts’. So I now have a makeup review board, a haircare board, skincare board, makeup look board, blogging tips board and a few others in there too!

TIP: You should have around 10 different boards at least. It confuses Pinterest if you put posts in boards that don’t make sense.

And on videos, I use as many tags as I can that are relevant! But they’re supposed to have a shorter lifespan than still images, but can wrack up more impressions in a shorter amount of time. I’ve not noticed this that much… but I quite like splattering these in. I just create them using some of the animations on Canva.

Stage 4 – How Did It Go?

I mean it was tough to come up with that many pins and actually pin them all! And I definitely missed days and I think that’s totally ok! But overall it’s been quite an enjoyable experience! My progress has definitely gone up by quite a bit, but the progress is still a lot slower than I thought it would be, and I didn’t include follower count as it’s pretty much the same! However, I hope you can see from the below stats… what I’d learnt in February really did make a difference!

  • Impressions: 8050 (+380%)
  • Engagements: 212 (+393%)
  • Total audience: 3460 (+236%)
  • Engaged audience: 90 (+462%)
  • Referrals to my website : 42 (+2000%)

Stage 5 – What’s Next?

I’m going to keep going! I’m still very much learning, which is why I’ve not particularly said ‘this is what I think you should do’, but I’m hoping in a few months I’ll be able to come back with some actual tips! I just wanted to share with you my experience as someone more or less starting with 0 experience!

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Do you do Pinterest?

Katie x

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93 thoughts on “I Upped My Pinterest Game For 1 Month… What Did I Learn?

  1. I was looking forward to this post! I find Pinterest a struggle, but it’s so great to get a few tips and tricks from an expert ๐Ÿ™‚ I definitely need to up the amount of pins I’m creating x

  2. Pinterest can be so daunting and I didnโ€™t know what I was doing when I first started either but I am so glad I stayed consistent with it. Itโ€™s great you have seen big changes. Thank you for sharing.


  3. This was such a great post and I am so glad the numbers are growing for you! I think pinterest can be one of the greatest platform but also a patience game! Thank you for sharing x

  4. I really enjoyed reading this! I spent a lot of time on Pinterest this time last year and finally felt as though I’d figured it out until the algorithm changed! Since then i’ve found it impossible to understand. I love your approach to understanding Pinterest and it sounds as though what you’ve learned has already paid off! ๐Ÿ™‚ x


  5. Great post! Thank you for sharing this! Well done on your progress! I used to post quite a lot of Pinterest last summer and it really helped my blog! Unfortunately, I’ve been too busy recently to post regularly on Pinterest but I’m hoping that in the future, I can post a lot on my pinterest!

  6. So cool to see how much of a difference Pinterest adds! I’ve reccently been trying to get into it more, figure out the right times to post etc. I always forget keywords…gotta remember that ๐Ÿ™ˆ Great post ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  7. Pinterest is such a hard platform to get good at, I still struggle to get many views on my new pins. Thanks for this article, I’m definitely going to check out some of the resources you mentioned!

  8. Pinterest is a whole lot of work but it puts a smile on the face to see your hardwork pay off. Pinterest requires more time and commitment than other social media platforms. I have had Pinterest for a while now and believe me, I haven’t gotten the hang of it yet. I might get some Pinterest courses as I really need them. This was a helpful post tho, I learnt a thing or two from it.

  9. Congratulations! I read Ell’s guide and did the same thing, have gone from 1.9k to 5.9k in a month! So happy – there’s something about Pinterest success that feels so rewarding right? Great post!

  10. Thanks for not only sharing some lovely feedback on how you have used the courses you took in daily life as well as for sharing where you started and where you are now. I am still not totally on with the Pinterest game, but I enjoy making pins. I love the idea of having a set number of templates to use on rotation!
    Thanks for sharing and may you keep growing. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. This is awesome tips. I love Pinterest. It has brought great traffic to my blog website. I also love using Pinterest to help me get inspired to write different blog post. Its awesome getting to read about your success. I wish you the best.

  12. Wowsers that’s fascinating! The detailed look at how you approached pinterest and how it changed your blog’s traffic is really interesting. Thanks for sharing!

  13. I want to start using Pinterest better. I am not very consistent with it, so my stats are not great.

  14. Your results were sooo impressive afterwards which is so good and rewarding because your hard work definitely did pay off. I don’t use Pinterest too much and make a pin whenever I can remember so I definitely feel like I need to use Pinterest more x


  15. Great experiment – keep going with it! You’re making great progress. I hate Pinterest but I use it because of the benefits although I am struggling a little with it at the moment. I get around 5,000 views a month from Pinterest alone but would love to see that number go up!

  16. Thank you for sharing your experience! Pinterest has been difficult for me to master. Your post has helped me understand how often to pin and how many boards to create.

  17. How incredible! Thank you for sharing your tips and tricks too – it’s always nice to compare your stats at the start of each month then compare them to the end. It’s all about finding out what works for you!

  18. I’ve hated Pinterest since the algorithm change last year, my account nose dived because if that which seems largly done to how Pinterest deals with my niche. I’ve yet to find anything that helps

    1. I’m so sorry to hear this! I’m relatively new to the Pinterest world, but hopefully some of the links in here to other bloggers who know what they’re doing will help? x

  19. Well done! I’ve really struggled with Pinterest lately. I used to be at 100k views a month and now thats dropped to 18! I’ve stopped using tailwind as it was only really good for scheduling the same pins to different boards but now you’re not supposed to do that!

    I need to try schedule more each day but it’s hard finding the time!

    Corinne x

    1. It was like when Instagram messed with the algorithm, I had the same issue! Fingers crossed you can start to grow again soon! And oo, good to know re Tailwind, everyone says it’s always the best thing ever…! x

  20. That’s amazing to hear your story and experience with working on your Pinterest account to best support your blog! Pinterest is so powerful and really can have amazing results! Congrats and thanks for sharing.

  21. Wow, it seems like you got a lot out of those courses. The difference in stats from February to March is huge. I definitely need to up my Pinterest game. Thanks for sharing.

      1. Pinterest is a platform I really want to excel on but haven’t dedicated enough time to. Thanks for sharing your tips and what you’ve learned.

  22. I have not been on Pinterest in a long time as a social media platform I use if for research. But this is very interesting was not sure if people still use it, seems like it is about IG which I am not a fan of. I guess you can only focus on so much. I focus on my blog and YT channel.

    Allie of

  23. thank you so much for sharing this! really helpful! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Anyway, just dropping by to say hello all the way from the Philippines! I hope you can drop by my blog too and follow along if you like. Have a nice day! ๐Ÿ™‚

    xoxo, rae

  24. Thank you so much for this honest insights of your blog! I’m really thinking about investing on Ell’s course, but I’m not pretty sure since I don’t earn in dollars and it’s a bit expensive on my currency! Do you highly recommend? What should I do?!!

    1. I paid in British Pounds. It was pricey, and I would say if you can afford it it’s so helpful to have it all in one place in a way you can just work through it. However, if it is out of your price range, a lot of the tips she mentions are out there on the internet, just across a few different places so it’ll take you a lot longer, but cost a lot less! x

  25. I did a course on Pinterest for blogging. It’s definitely one of the fastest to grow, but it does take a lot of work. I need to get back into it!

  26. Wow I need to get into this. Video pins…? I barely understood this post, I need to step up my game. Specially because Pinterest is the only social media I could actually get into. I guess Pinterest courses are in my future.

  27. It’s great to see you getting on well. I gave up with pinterest but would love to get back into it in a bit to increase my traffic. Maybe next month I’ll give your little challenge a go and see what happens!
    Em x

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