March Favourites & The BIGGEST Project 10 Pan Update

Another month is over! March was the month I went back to work full time, reached the HIGHEST blog views on my blog EVER and started to feel a little optimistic with the world going back to normal! Mainly due to the weather… but still!

Yardley Flowerful Fragrance in Decadent Mimosa*

*Gifted | This fragrance is just gorgeous! It has the most stunning light floral fragrance with the sweet notes and I think it’s going to be the perfect Spring/Summer fragrance for when I get back to seeing people! It’s not the longest lasting fragrance in the world, but considering this is a really affordable fragrance (it’s only £21 in Boots) I’m really not complaining!

Top Notes – Pink Pepper, Pear, Mandarin. Heart Notes – Violet, Mimosa, Orris, Lily of the Valley. Base Notes – Sandalwood, Vanilla, Musk

The Circle

I’m not sure if this show is international, but if you’re based in the UK you can watch this on All 4/live on channel 4. It’s such an interesting concept, and weirdly addictive. The contestants, who never meet face to face, create online social media profiles and interact with the other players only via messages. Some people are playing themselves, some people are catfishes. And they have to work out who’s genuine and who’s not! Just love it…

NYX Epic Wear Eyeliner

If you’ve been on my Instagram recently you’ll learn that I’ve recently become OBSESSED with coloured eyeliner! Like obsessed! And these ones from NYX (these are in shades yellow, red and lilac) are just stunning! With a brush applicator, I find these so easy to use, and they’re super duper long lasting and budge-proof! Full review coming soon…

Ameliorate Transforming Body Lotion*

*Gifted | I’ve actually had two of these in the past! It’s one of those body lotions where you can actually feel like it’s making a difference! The scent is delicious (but limited edition), it’s lightweight and absorbs super fast AND if you have lumps on your arm… then this is your one! Plus, I managed to get you lovely lot 20% off the website with the code KATIEEMMA (not affiliate):

Sweet Baked Sensation Brownies

Now if you’re UK based you NEED to try these brownies! They have 3 core flavours (chocolate, kinder and biscoff) and then have all sorts of limited edition boxes… such as this one, which is the Cream Egg one! They are just gorgeous! Can work out a little expensive when you compare them to something that’s mass produced… but there’s just something about them! The texture is out of this world and the flavours… you just don’t want it to end!:

Blogging Update

March was a nuts month for my blog! I’ve continued to sort out my old blog posts… guys I’ve 60% of the way through now… but I’ve had a record month in terms of blog views. Like I have never, in the history of 6 years of my blog, reached this blog view number! And I couldn’t be happier! Instagram has been very slow, as I went back to work full time and I hadn’t quite worked out how to balance everything. But I think I’m there now, so I’m looking forward to April’s results! But alas, here’s my results from March!

Blog Views: 5,367 (up from 4,248)

Instagram Following : 7513 (+523)

Total social & blog following: 11,812, up from 10,961

Most popular blog post: New | Maybelline Lash Sensational Sky High Mascara & Super Chocolatey Chocolate Fudge Cake Recipe

Most popular ‘old’ blog post: My Top 10 Eyeshadow Palettes! The Ones You Need To Buy & New | Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

PR Received: Body Blendz Coffee & White Clay Exfoliating Capsules, Ameliorate Orange Blossom scented Transforming Body Lotion, Resurfacing Facial Cleaner & Restoring Facial Mask, ZERO 100% Natural Restoring Hand Cream, new range of Glossybox skincare

Newsletters sent: 2 (hit my target!)

Project 10 Pan Update

Now this is a month! I’ve got two completely finished products, 2 that are nearly finished and three new pans!

I completely finished the Dior Backstage Foundation, which I’m 100% going to miss, but I’m so excited to try something else for a change! I’m replacing this with my Mac Studio Fix Fluid, which is another foundation that’s been in my collection slightly too long! And I finished up my Soap and Glory One Heck of a Blot Powder, but I’m not replacing it with another powder, but instead my Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. This is a firm favourite that’s in a slightly too light shade, so just want to finish it up and get it out!

I’m so nearly finished the NYX Honey Dew Me Up Primer and Mac Lipstick in Faux! They’re definitely going to be empties next month! And we also have some lovely pans in my Smashbox Contour Kit… like 3 of them, look at them! Everything is ticking along perfectly!

And there you have it, my March 2021 update!

Katie x

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32 thoughts on “March Favourites & The BIGGEST Project 10 Pan Update

  1. Ohh, the Circle, been watching that on Netflix (so far seen US/France/Brazil). Such an interesting series though at times the characters annoy me. Haha. Hope for more countries. 🙂

      1. Haha, yeah, despite the annoyance at times I just cannot stop watching. I always love the part where the person who has to go home can pick someone to visit, that often ends in hilarity and confusion. 😛

  2. March was a good month for me too, so I love that it boomed for you! The Circle sounds interesting; I will see if I can watch it in the States. Also loving the looks of those Sensation brownies! Thanks for linking the site. 😍

  3. It is great that you finished two products! I am a huge fan of finishing products. I’ve used the Dior Backstage Foundation before and it is great! Though, I enjoy the Chanel foundations a bit more. Still congrats on that huge feat! The brownies look delicious!! Congrats on your achievements 🙂

    Nancy ✨

  4. Wow! Achievements that call for a celebration! Well that’s what is do. And those brownies – yum, yum, yes!

  5. Oooh those brownies look scrumptious! I love getting an update on your project pan and keep hitting those pans, doll! And congrats on achieving your target last month xx

  6. Great post, love the inclusion of your project pan. You’ve made so much progress! Also, have you done a post on newsletters? I could seriously use the tips

  7. Those brownies look so good! Congratulations on your stats growth this month too, that view jump is incredible! You’ve made some great progress on your project pans too. I was just looking at mine earlier today and thinking about how much work I still have to do x

  8. It seems like March was pretty kind to everyone. March was really nice to me and my blog too. I had the most heartfelt comments on my blog posts and two of the posts I published in March beat the others and had the highest views. I got more followers on my social media account and on my blog. There’s a lot. I pray April is nice to us too x

  9. Congrats on the blog views, you deserve it! (And more!) Love these update posts. And the project pan updates get me so pumped to use up my own makeup. You are doing so good!

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