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So these have been out for a while, but I’ve been a little slow off the ground getting them reviewed. Maybelline (alongside Rimmel) were the first lipsticks I ever tried and they’ve remained firm favourites ever since. Their formulas are usually easy to wear, pigmented and relatively long lasting and the shades (while usually safe) are super flattering.

And so when they released a new range of lipsticks, of course I’d be trying them! And these are the Maybelline Color Sensational Made For All lipsticks. With the main selling point being that every colour will suit every skin tone… quite a claim!

Maybelline Lipsticks


They claim each shade has been tested on 50 different skin tones, but for reference I’m a pale neutral toned girl who naturally has slight pink undertones.

There are 6 shades in total available (including a brighter pink and a berry shade), but the 3 that I have are:

Ruby for Me | a bright, slightly on the cool side, red. I’d say it’s a pretty classic shade. And while not one I wear super often, beautiful nonetheless.

Pink for Me | You know, as it says on the tin, this is a pink toned nude. Super easy to wear and goes with most makeup looks

Mauve for Me | A more mauvy (there’s a trend here) tone nude, the classic ‘your lips but better’ shade.

Price & Packaging

At £7.99 a pop, these are definitely on the affordable side. They come in the standard Maybelline square packaging.

There is an element of weightlessness to them, which does give them a slightly cheaper feel, but let’s face it, there’s nothing offensive about the packaging, and I like how it’s super easy to see what colour you’re picking up.

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I have to say for a satin finish lipstick the colour is pretty vibrant and doesn’t bleed. They’re easy to apply in one swipe, and the glossy-ish finish does leave your lips looking fuller. These lipsticks (& Maybelline lipsticks in general) do leave a balmy finish on the lips, so you definitely do feel it on the lips, but it’s not uncomfortable and in no way drying.

The lasting power isn’t AMAZING, you do find yourself having to reapply fairly frequently. But, the formula is one of those that lends itself to fading nicely (as it doesn’t dry and crack).

I would say the formula is pretty much on line with everything else in the Maybelline lipstick range.

Maybelline Lipsticks 2

Overall Verdict

I mean come on, for a lipstick under a tenner you really can’t complain! I don’t think they will take a place in my heart as my favourite lipsticks of all time, but they’re definitely going to stick around for some time!

Have you tried these? If so, what did you think about them?

Katie x

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      1. I love a red lip too but it’s not my favourite colour to wear. I’ve really got to be in the mood for a red lip x

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