5 Eyeshadow Palettes I Need…

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So I’ve lived nearly 10 weeks of lockdown with the same single eyeshadow palette and I’ve got to say I’m missing the choice; not that I’ve worn makeup most of that time, I just like looking at it you know.. yes, I’m weird.

So I’m now finding myself scrolling through the internet, dreaming of a time I can go mental and buy too much makeup again. And I thought I’d share with you 5 eyeshadow palettes I had my eye on.

Zoeva Matte Eyeshadow Palette

Zoeva Matte Spectrum Palette | £33.50

I’ve had my eye on this for ages. Zoeva eyeshadow palettes really are great value for money. Not wildly expensive, but high end quality. Sometimes I wish they had a mirror in them, but as someone who usually does their makeup in front of a mirror and usually in the same place, it actually doesn’t bother me that much.

Their formula in the other palettes I have is beautiful and these colours are right up my street. The super warm neutrals on the right hand side are right up my alley, and I really love the forresty greens on the left hand side are gorgeous!

Milani Pure Passion

Milani Pure Passion Eyeshadow Palette | £28.25

I’ve never owned a Milani palette, and actually I don’t really think I’ve ever earned anything from this brand before. But come on, this palette is GORGEOUS! I mean it’s such a Stila rip off, but those shimmer shades in the middle look stunning!

Urban Decay Naked Honey

Urban Decay Naked Honey Palette | £43

I’ve actually been one of those who prefers ABH over Urban Decay, but I do love the look and feel of this palette, it’s much softer than the other one of theirs I have; the Heat palette, and these shades are the kind I’d go for everyday!

The super yellow toned gold shimmer intrigues me. I can’t work out if I love it or hate it… think I need to see it in person. Goddam I miss shops!

Lime Crime Palette

Lime Crime Eyeshadow Palette – Venus XL | £56

I mean this palette isn’t cheap, but it does have a lot of shades in there and Flora and Passion both look beautiful and so unique. If you can’t tell I’m a little obsessed with a warm neutral…

Natasha Denona

Natasha Denona Biba Palette | £111

I feel like Natasha Denona is the Mulbery Scarf of makeup. Gorgeous, beautiful, stupidly expensive, but the thing you aspire to have and feel like you’ve made it when you get it. I see people with these palettes online and they do look exceptional. And, I know this palette is arguably really boring, but if you’re spending over £100 on a palette, it’s gotta be one you’re actually going to use! And that black though….

What eyeshadow palette have you got your eyes on? I’m always open to lust over more things…!

Katie x


8 thoughts on “5 Eyeshadow Palettes I Need…

  1. All these palettes are gorgeous!! I’ve been wanting to try zoeva for so long but I always talk myself out of it. That matte palette would be great for so many occasions x

    1. omg I have the cocoa blends palette and there’s a shade in there called ‘Substitute for Love’ that I’ve hit pan on so hard! And now I kinda want to buy them all… it’s dreadful!

      1. The cocoa blend palette has been on my wishlist forever!! The shades are so pretty 😍 Palettes are my weakness haha

      2. OMG I could not recommend it enough! It’s my most used palette! Not only has it got some stunning neutral shade, but the charcoal grey/black in it makes for a really easy but statement smokey eye! Sorry not sorry! haha x

  2. I have been drooling over the naked honey palette, I’ve seen it in person and it is BEAUTIFUL, the packaging is stunning too. There are so many wonderful reviews about the palette and I am so tempted to get it, the only thing that’s holding me back is the fact that I know I have pretty much all of these shades time over 😂😭

    1. OMG illusively seen it in person… I live in West London and no shops that stock it are open! And I know… I got all my palettes out a few months back and they all pretty much looked the same, but I also couldn’t work out which one to get rid of! haha

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