4 Looks For When We Can Eventually Get Back To It



4 Looks For When We Can Eventually Get Back To It (2)

So I’m getting to that stage in lockdown where I’m almost having shopping withdrawal. I’ve always been a brick and mortar shopping addict, and so now with all these newsletters coming in from New Look, Topshop, Beauty Bay etc etc it’s making it more and more difficult to keep up the spending ban I had to impose on myself…

So I thought I’d solve the issue by creating wishlists and fake outfits and planning for when this whole thing is over, our jobs are safe and life can go back to normal.

So here are 4 outfits I’ve put together from 4 of my favourite high street retailers. Enjoy!

Summer Chic

New Look – Summer Chic

Bag – £17.99 | Blue Denim Dress – £22.99 | Sandals – £23.99 | Sunglasses – £7.99 | Earrings – £2.99 | Headband – £5.99

Outfit 1 is the classic denim dress, chunky sandals (yup, never been a massive chunky trainer person), sunglasses and a rattan like bag. I used to have some sandals like these from River Island (I think they were mentioned in one of my first ever blog posts!) and I was OBSESSED with them! And I’ve been searching for ones like them ever since, and these look pretty close..

Then, let’s face it everything else is adorable!

It's Not Quite Summer

Topshop – It’s Not Quite Summer

Shorts – £32.20 | Jumper – £39 | Earrings – £12.50 | Shoes – £42

You know when you reach that point of year (where we are now) when it’s WAY too hot one day and then suddenly cold the next. And you’re not really sure if you should be dressing for early Spring or mid Summer…. well this is the kind of outfit I wear for those days.

Leather effect shorts have become my new obsession. Especially those shorts that sit high up on the waist and then are lose around the thighs. Pair it with a jumper, matching heels and some adorable hoops and you have a cute little outfit right there…

First Day Out With The Girls

Missguided – First Day Out With The Girls

Trainers – £22 | Dress – £35 | Jacket – £32 | Earrings – £6.50

So while I say I’m not into the chunky trainer look, you can’t say these shoes aren’t adorable! And I mean is Summer really Summer without a denim jacket?! I already have one, but it’s totally the thing I’d style with a white Summer dress like this.

I also love how the dress is clearly one of those you can wear in the heat of summer and it won’t cling to you…

Finally Back In The Office

Dorothy Perkins – Finally Back In The Office

Shoes – £20 | Trousers – £20 | Jacket – £35 | Top – £8 | Necklace – £8.50 | Bag – £18

I have such an itching to be back in the office and working again (although I clearly know that’s not ok, and we need to protect lives etc etc, but you cant stop wanting what you want). And I feel like that day I’m allowed to head into the office will be such a power day….

And for a day like that you need a killer suit. I don’t think I’d ever want to wear a boring business suit ever again (I used to have to wear them in sixth form), but this is cute. Fitted trousers, bright blazer, white t-shirt to keep is casual and the super cute fake converse to finish the whole thing off. Can’t wait for it…

What’s THE outfit you can’t wait to sport once this whole thing is over?

Katie x

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  1. I love all of those! My favorite is the office look. I love the green blazer

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