Birchbox | June ’18

Birchbox Beauty Subscription Box | June '18
Birchbox Beauty Subscription Box | June '18

This month’s Birchbox came in a tin… so maybe we should rename it Birchtin… no? Just me…? Ok, I’ve been hanging out with my dad too much.

Anyway, I’m back again with another Birchbox unboxing, and this time it’s a 5th birthday celebration box! And, I love how their theme for their birthday is a tea party…. oh how British! I mean they even end the intro with “Now, let’s get this perTEA started’… a joke, about tea, wow.

Birchbox Beauty Subscription Box | June '18

Inside this month’s box we have the usual 5 skincare and makeup products, but we also have a great little added bonus a box of Whittard of Chelsea Teabags. Honestly? I’m exclusively an English Breakfast Tea person and I drink no other type of tea. So, this is kind of a miss to me, but it’s cute that they included it!

Ellla Eden Compact Eyeshadow (RRP £12.99) 

This is a pressed mineral eyeshadow that looks super pretty. I’m not really that into single eyeshadows really, but it’s a nice way to try a new brand’s formula.

Birchbox Beauty Subscription Box | June '18

Benefit POREFessional Pearl Primer 

You get the smallest sample ever of this, like the same size you get free when you buy something from Benefit…. but I mean… it’s an iconic primer, so a nice way to give it a go I guess

Number 4 Jour d’automne Smoothing Balm 

I completely blotched this name in my YouTube unboxing of this box (coming tomorrow), however I feel like most people suffer with a little bit (or a lot) of frizz and so it’s a nice little product to include.

Polaar Velvety Sun Fluid Face & Beauty 

SPF is so handy and so essential that it’s nice to have one in the box. And, the very fact that this is suitable for both face and body means that it would be ideal to travel with!

Birchbox Beauty Subscription Box | June '18

Lord & Berry Strobing Highlighter Pencil 

Yes, pencil. It looks, feels and smells like a pencil. But it’s a highlighter. So, basically it’s ideal for the browbone and inner corner. However, it’s a really pretty champagne colour and so I would probably end up using it.

Overall, this box this month is very… meh. For their celebratory box you would have thought they would have done something a little more… celebratory!

Have you got this month’s Birchbox? What were your thoughts?

Katie x

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17 thoughts on “Birchbox | June ’18

    1. Yeah! It has the ups and downs of most beauty boxes – i.e. some months its amazing and some months it’s meh. But you can unsubscribe whenever, so worth a shot! 🙂

  1. I’ve never done any type of box yet, but I was wondering about getting a Glossy Box soon, since it has the best reviews (at lease here where I live). I agree this box was kind of “meh”. I didn’t see anything that would surprise me or make me want to buy the box, but I really liked your description of it.

  2. I was rather disappointed with this box. It was my last box in my 6 month subscription and it kinda stopped me from signing up again. The Benefit primer size was pretty poor. The only item I really liked was the soothing hair balm as I love the smell.

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