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I’m going to say something that will completely shock you; I edit my blog post photos!!?? Yeah, not really a shock is it. Everyone edits their pictures. If I’ve shattered some part of your existence… sorry not sorry!

Anyhow, I edit my photos. Nothing crazy, nothing radical, but I still thought I’d share with you what I do – because it doesn’t cost me a penny (obviously past buying the camera and my laptop)

how i edit my blog photos

Little background on my equipment (not a euphemism). I have a Nikon D5100 camera that has served me well for years. I use a AF-S 35mm, with a large maximum aperture of f/1.8 that offers a bright viewfinder image and is ideal for low light shooting situations. I then import my photos onto my MacBook (not Pro) and edit on an free app that you can get on Apply computers – Photoscape X

how i edit my blog photos 2

I try to take all my pictures in natural lighting with light coming from as many angles as possible, so there’s not weird highlights or shadows. Luckily my camera takes pretty bright photos on it’s own, but as you can tell there is still something a little dull and dark about it.

My editing skills are…. limited, so I up the brightness, lighten the shadows and darken the highlights. Then I ever so slightly up the clarity, vibrance and deepen to add back in the depth of colour lightening does.

how i edit my blog photos 2

I tend to find this does enough on it’s own, but occasionally I find myself making the colour a little cooler, but I didn’t need to in this photo. And that’s it. I know this editing tool has SOOO many more aspects to it, but I don’t ever find myself using them

I then use Canva to add text and effects onto my images – it’s like the ever favourite PicMonkey… but it can do more and you can actually download your artwork

I feel like this is the most simple blog post in the world, but I’ve found a little group of resources that suit me perfectly and I wanted to share them with you

Do you edit your blog post photos?

Katie x

12 thoughts on “How I Edit My Blog Post Photos | Free Photoshop?

  1. I used to stick to snapseed on mobile for almost all my editing but I had to get a new laptop recently and now I can do all my edits on my laptop, using the raw camera files!! I use Rawtherapee for basic editing and Canva for text edits and fancy title cards. Love how versatile Canva is! X

  2. I think your edited photos look good, you don’t over edit so they look fake! I have a DSLR and whilst I use manual mode I wish I put more effort into angles and backdrops etc. I used to love PicMonkey before they started charging for it! I use Canva sometimes too and another good free site is Fotor πŸ™‚ x

  3. Definitely an easy way to get the job done! I love using Canva for instagram stories as well! All my photos I end up having to post process in lightroom and photoshop since I shoot RAW… a bit of extra work but the enhanced quality makes all the difference to me.

    Great post for anyone who’s wanting to get their feet wet and improve some of their blog images πŸ™‚

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