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Review L'Oreal Eye Paints
Review L'Oreal Eye Paints

Those eagle eyed viewers/beauty lovers among you will know that these have been out for a little while… well they’ve now added 7 shades to the range! For those of you who didn’t read my first impressions you can read them herebut in summary: beautiful products, really cool colours, but they’re missing any wearable colours.. and here we go.

Review L'Oreal Eye Paints

So there are now 13 shades in the range ranging from your everyday colours to your bright, vivid and crazy colours! I have to say, I am actually loving the colour range now. From the original selection, I am loving the moss green, it looks stunning with a super warm crease shade. And from the new shades I am loving the pink, and the two shades on the end (right hand side).

Review L'Oreal Eye Paints Swatches

From left to right:
307 Sunset Goals (new) – beautiful bright orange, semi-matte, super pigmented
306 Nudist (new) – caramel brown, semi-matte, super pigmented
305 Peach Me Babe (new) – really light peach shade, semi-matte, quite patchy
303 Breathtaking Brown (new) – really dark brown shade, semi-matte, super pigmented
301 Infinite Purple – bright purple, shimmery, more sheer
207 Sassy Squad (new) – deep burgundy, semi-matte, takes a little to build up
205 Cocky Biqsue (new) – super shimmery champagne colour, pigmented but pale
203 Iconic Silver – super glittery dark silver colour, pigmented
202 Keep on Khaki – shimmery moss green, beautiful colour, one of my favs!
201 Vicious Gold – shimmery, yellow-toned gold, quite sheer and pale
104 Unstoppable Teal – super pigmented, slightly shimmery teal colour
102 Irresistible Rose (new) – slightly shimmery pale rose colour, pigmented but pale
101 Eternal White – really pale champagne white, would make a great highlighter

Review L'Oreal Eye Paints

So some of the shades are more pigmented than others, which I think it a tad odd, however, the formula on a whole is really good. They blend really well under and on top of other eyeshadows. They often need a couple of layers, as they become quite sheer when blended out. But they build up really well, and they last a good amount of time.

So, I am super happy with the new shade range, some of my stand outs from the range are definitely 202 Keep on Khaki, 102 Irresistable Rose, 207 Sassy Squad and 205 Cocky Bisque.

Have you tried these, if so, what are your thoughts?

Katie x

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