My Handbag Beauty Essentials for Summer

My Handbag Beauty Essentials for Summer
My Handbag Beauty Essentials for Summer

Currently in England the weather is hotting up and we are getting very warm and sunny days, and so I have had to change completely what I take out with my in my handbag! Obviously I don’t carry all these items everywhere with me, if I’m just popping out for a second I won’t need suncream for example, but most (if not all) of these items do come out with me a lot!

My Handbag Beauty Essentials for Summer

Hand cream

This is the Soap and Glory Hand Food, and it’s a beautiful light, but highly moisturising, hand cream that comes in a little conveniently small tube! My hands don’t get anywhere near as dry as they do in the summer, however, I do love a good old hand cream all year round!

Lip Balm

Another one of those items I carry round with me all year round! Lip balm! This Maybelline Baby Lips one is lovely and moisturising. I do often use a Nivea one with SPF in it, but I can’t find it… However, lip balm is one of those things a girl uses all year, whatever the weather!

My Handbag Beauty Essentials for Summer


Now, I never carry deodorant during the winter, because I don’t sweat much when it’s cold. However, in the summer – especially now I’m drinking more water – I sweat, or perspire, more than I’d like to. So having a little can of deodorant is always very welcome! The  compressed cans are always the way because they are significantly smaller than the original cans. And Sure deodorant isn’t strongly scented either, so it doesn’t fight with your perfume… talking about perfume….

Perfume Samples

Carrying round a full perfume would be insane! But you can pick up perfume samples in boots and places, and they’re ideal to carry round. The ones I have here are the Floral Fragrance Collection by Yardley London. As you probably know, I’m not a floral scent girl, usually, but these are actually quite nice, and what shouts summer more than flowers?

My Handbag Beauty Essentials for Summer


This is another one of those things I carry all the time, however in Summer I like to mix up the berry shades and come out with the pinks and the corals! The Rimmel Kate Moss Lipsticks are always great, and shade 32 is just perfect for Summer!

Hair Bands

While in winter I carry these to get my hair out my face because it’s windy and wet, in the summer I carry these to get the hair off my neck. I have a lot of hair, and it’s long, and sometimes it can basically be like having a scarf on. So hair bands come with me everywhere!

My Handbag Beauty Essentials for Summer

SPF/Sun Lotion

Now the last thing was a bit of a find for me, and it’s the Eucerin Transparent Sun Spray! Now this stuff is amazing! You get the full on 50 SPF protection you want without getting sticky hands from rubbing in lotion! So, although I don’t always carry this with me everywhere – unlike the rest of the products – this is a must for me in Summer, and if I’m out in the sun all day, it definitely comes with me!

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I carry round with me on a hot, sunny day – like it is at the moment.

Katie x

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