Realistic Morning Routine

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Realistic Morning Routine

So, over on my YouTube channel today, I’ve filmed a super swish (or at least I like to think so) morning routine. However, I remember a few months back (or probably more like a year ago) I wrote a super realistic morning routine over here on my blog. Basically it’s all the thoughts I have in the morning, while doing my morning routine, that I don’t share over there….

7:15 – Urgh, my alarms going off… shush

7:20 – Oh god I hit snooze.. is it ok to do it again? Yeah, why not

7:25 – If I set a YouTube video to play on my iPad does that constitute as waking up?

7:30 – Ok, I can’t snooze my alarm anymore, because my phone won’t let me… but it’s ok, this video is 15 mins long.. so I still have 10 more mins in bed

7:35 – ….should I really get up now, my alarm went off like 20 mins ago

7:40 – The video has finished, if I watch another one, I will probably still have enough time to get up and get ready

7:45 – Ok, this is silly now get up

7:50 – You’re still not up, right foot out the bed

7:55 – Mmm tea, this is so the liquid of life. I seriously don’t understand people who don’t like tea

8:00 – I’m starting to feel like a human again, I guess the tea is setting in, time to clean up all the s**t I just put on the floor last night and get ready

8:05 – How did I have so many clothes on the floor last night, I literally pick them up every morning… ah well, dressed now!

8:10 – Skincare is done… if I just brush my hair will that be enough?

8:15 – Yeah, looks fun. Time to apply makeup to make me look a little less…. dead.

8:20 – Bouncy bouncy bouncy bouncy… weird to think that like two years ago no one had heard of the beauty blender… or is it longer than that… oh who knows

8:25 – hmmm eyeshadow, shall I be inventive and try something new? Maybe a cool toned look? Maybe a red eye? Maybe come colour? … what am I kidding, of course I’m going to put a warm neutral brown in the crease, a gold or copper shimmer on the lids and then call it a day

8:25 – Remember not to put lipstick on, you still need to brush you teeth and finish your tea… though I would finish the tea first… or it’ll taste horrible after tea

8:30 – Right, where are my keys…

8:35 – Seriously, I must have had them last night, because I managed to get in the house with them… oh, there they are, somewhere random and completely weird!

8:40 – Urgh toothpaste. Am I the only person in the world who wishes they could still get away with using strawberry toothpaste as an adult? … Only me? Oh… awks

8:45 – Shoes on, back still packed from yesterday, right off to work…

That’s pretty much it! It’s weird to think I used to be such a morning person. I literally used to get up at 4am every weekend and 6am every weekday for work/school… Then I went to University..

If you want to watch the pretty version of this, head over to my YouTube channel to watch my morning routine!

What does your morning routine look like?

Katie x

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4 thoughts on “Realistic Morning Routine

  1. This is so me! “bouncy, bouncy, bouncy…” lol! I love how absolutely relatable this is. What’s weird is that I still very much consider myself to be a morning person…I love being up and sipping my coffee, I just don’t like the ‘getting ready for work’ part. lol. Thanks for sharing beautiful! xo

    1. I used to get up at 4am at the weekends and 6am weekdays when I was at school! But, I know what you mean, the mornings can be great… especially when tea (or in your case coffee) are involved! 😛

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