New | Collection Glam Crystals Eyeshadow Palette

Collection Glam Crystals Eyeshadow Palette Review
Collection Glam Crystals Eyeshadow Palette Review

So for those of you who do or do not know, Collection have eyeshadow palettes…. yup, about 7 (I think) by now. They’re not the best things in the world (in my humble opinion), but for their price they’re actually pretty good! And, they’ve added a new one to the range, this time full of all the glitter – just in time for festive season. Another part of their Glam Crystals collection, this is the Collection Glam Crystals Glitter Eyeshadow Palette.

It’s £3.99 a pop and comes with 6 shades, as with all their palettes.

Collection Glam Crystals Eyeshadow Palette Review

The palette comes in Collection’s classic cardboard packaging, which isn’t my favourite, but for the price point it’s fine and it’s sturdy and it can actually feel much more luxurious than that horrible cheap plastic! However, this time we have cute star cutouts on the front, I guess to echo the glitter aspect to the eyeshadows, cute really!

There are 6 super glittery shadows in the palette; a champagne, a pinky-purple, a blue-purple, a copper, a gold and a sky blue. So, pretty much covers every colour of glitter you’d need!

Collection Glam Crystals Eyeshadow Palette Review

These shadows are pretty chunky I have to say! However, putting that aside they’re super pigmented, easy to blend and do look very very pretty on the lids. They have surprisingly little fallout on application and the glitter is a lot, but if that’s the look you’re going for then it is very pretty!

The colour wears really well, and by the end of the day you still have a lot of glitter left on the eye, so winner winner chicken dinner. However, not only do you have glitter on your eyelids… you also have glitter all down your face! If this doesn’t particularly bother you (i.e. if you’re at a festival, or rave, or just wear glitter on your face), then these are super pretty and I would recommend. However, if you’re not all about that life, then it’s really really annoying!

Collection Glam Crystals Eyeshadow Palette Swatches

Overall, pretty palette with some pretty shades! I think they apply really well, they’re pigmented and they look really nice on the eyes… they just don’t look quite so nice all down the face!

Have you tried this? If so, what are your thoughts?

Katie x

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  1. The collection mini palettes were the first palette I bought when I was initially getting into makeup years ago and it looks like they haven’t changed since. I didn’t realise they’d released more and this one looks really sweet <3

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