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Review L'Oreal Lip Scrub
Review L'Oreal Lip Scrub

I’ve recently become ever so slightly addicted to Lip Scrubs. I’ve recently been obsessing over the LUSH Lip Scrub in Bubblegum (which I have just finished… sneak peak of the empties at the end of the month), and I discovered L’Oreal have just come out with three new lip scrubs, which look pretty awesome!

They come in three scents – Berry Blast, Melon Breeze, and Peach Twist. I don’t really think I need to explain what the scents smell of; considering the names do that by themselves. However, they do smell rather delicious. They are £8.99 a pop and they’re sold in all the places L’Oreal is (Superdrug and Boots being the main places).

Review L'Oreal Lip Scrub

I love how they come in a lip balm style packaging, as this avoids having to put your finger into a pot and then creating more mess than you need! It means they are super easy and quick to use! These products are effectively a lip balm with exfoliating beads in it and so it does feel super hydrating on your lips and well as scrubbing away dead skin. My lips always feel really good after using it, and to be honest you probably don’t NEED a separate lip balm with these, it’s just nice to have one, and I’ll explain now why you might feel you want one.

Unlike the LUSH lip balm, which tastes delicious and you lick off your lips when you’re done with it, these lip balms have no flavour. They basically taste like lip balm. And, while it’s not an unpleasant taste… you don’t really want to eat it. So, I find I want to rub off the excess scrub (which really isn’t much) off with a cotton round (or my sleeve if I’m about to put what I’m wearing in the wash.. yes, I’m disgusting). This means that you may feel the need to put on a lip balm after.

Review L'Oreal Lip Scrub

They leave your lips feeling super soft and ready for your lip products, and overall the easy of these products mean they’ve already found their way into my everyday skincare routine. They get a thumbs up from me… you just can’t eat them (like the LUSH scrubs)

Have you tried these? If so, what were your thoughts?

Katie x

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