New | L’Oreal Paris Tattoo Signature 24hr Liquid Eyeliner

L'Oreal Tattoo Liner 1

I am a big fan of black liquid liner… I feel like it’s that thing that can just save an eyeshadow look that’s going downhill. It’s practically magic. So, when a drugstore brand comes out with one, I am all over that! And the most recent Drugstore launch comes from L’Oreal in their Paris Tattoo Signature 24hr Liquid Eyeliner, part of their Superliner collection, which I do quite like, so I had high hopes for this!

At £6.99 this is a really reasonable price, and the nib looks short and precise. The shorter the nib, usually, the better and it takes a little longer to dry out making it easier to use.

This eyeliner was pretty easy to use. The shape of the nib was ideal for application and I was able to get a really precise line easily! I have to say the eyeliner is not super super black and I did feel I had to go over it a bit… but I can kind of forgive it, because it’s so easy to use.

L'Oreal Liner

What I can’t forgive is the way this wears. It’s really weird because it doesn’t smudge, I didn’t see any black smudges down my face (which I have experienced in the past!), but the eyeliner definitely fades. It gradually becomes more grey and patchy as the day goes on and it’s such a shame because the shape of the nib (as I’ve said now about a million times) is so good!

Honestly? If you’re looking for a black liquid eyeliner from the drugstore I would go for the one from Collection or the one from Soap and Glory. They’re by far my favourites!

Have you tried this? If so, what were your thoughts?

Katie x

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  1. I don’t wear liquid liner much but I used to have the Loreal Super Slim which has exactly the same problem! It was easy to use and the colour was ok but it just ended up looking grey!

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