New | Barry M Lip Scrubs

Barry M Lip Scrubs Review
Barry M Lip Scrubs Review

My go-to lip scrub was always the LUSH bubblegum lip scrub – it did wonders for your lips, and it also kinda tasted great. Past that, I’d never really seen any in Superdrug (when I worked there), or really seen them pop up anywhere else… so I just continued to use it. However, Barry M have just launched two Lip Scrubs, so I thought it was about time I try something new!

Barry M Lip Scrubs Review

At £4.99 a pop, they’re super affordable. They come in two delicious flavours – Mango and Peppermint. The packaging is cute, if not a little youthful. You get a generous amount of product. Overall, great first impressions.

Here is what is says on their website;

Get gorgeously smooth lips with Barry M’s exfoliating sugar scrubs in 2 NEW yummy shades… Peppermint and Mango! These luscious pots of goodness have added Vitamin E and Olive Oil antioxidants to help prevent and reverse skin damage in addition to Avocado and Jojoba Oils to soften and hydrate. Simply rub the scrub over clean lips for a gentle exfoliation and then rinse off. Use morning and night for an extra soft finish.

Barry M Lip Scrubs Review

First of all, they’re quite a gentle scrub; it doesn’t feel super harsh on the lips, which is a great start. Some lip scrubs can be kinda painful. There are extra added oils in it, that do mean it does feel a tad oily on the lips, but it does mean your lips don’t only feel soft, but also hydrated after use. I know it says online to wipe off… but it does actually taste rather delicious, and you can taste (and smell) the difference scents (Mango and Peppermint), so I always find myself ingesting probably too much of it – sorry not sorry. The Peppermint scent acts an extra freshness to the whole process.

Barry M Lip Scrubs Review

Overall, some lovely lip scrubs. I still think I prefer by LUSH lip scrub, but it’s nice to see an addition to the drugstore. They’re a good price, and a good product.

Have you tried these? If so, what were your thoughts?

Katie x

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  1. I was excited to see these appear too. I have the marshmallow one, not sure if it was limited edition or something? I got it as a free gift at Superdrug when I spent a certain amount on Barry M (which obviously I had to do haha)

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