Review | HUDA Warm Brown Obsessions Palette

Review | HUDA Warm Brown Obsessions Palette
Review | HUDA Warm Brown Obsessions Palette

I have wanted to try HUDA beauty eyeshadows for the longest time! However, their full palettes are really expensive, and I just don’t have that kind of money to spend on an eyeshadow. However, they launched smaller 3×3 palettes for £25 a pop, which is far more digestible. So I picked up the one that really called out to me – the Warm Brown Obsessions.

Review | HUDA Warm Brown Obsessions Palette

So the packaging is cardboard… however, the cardboard does feel super sturdy, so you don’t even notice. The palette is much smaller than you really realise. However, the pan sizes are actually pretty generous, it’s just there is no wasted space for a pointless brush you don’t need or any other blank spaces.

There are 9 shadows – 8 matte and one shimmer – that range from a super pale cream colour to deeper browns/purples/red-toned browns.

Review | HUDA Warm Brown Obsessions Palette

The colour range is beautiful, these colours are so up my street and I honestly don’t think theres a shade in here I won’t use. The pigment is out of this world, the shades are super buttery (yes, I hate that word too), they’re easy to blend, super long lasting. In face, very comparable to the ABH Modern Renaissance Palette. And the gold shade in the middle…. WOW… stunning!

Swatches | HUDA Warm Brown Obsessions Palette

I LOVE this palette and I’m so happy I decided to pick it up! These shades are so me (if you know me you know I’m a bit of a warm neutrals addict) and I can see myself getting so much use out of this palette.

Have you tried one of the HUDA palettes? If so, what were your thoughts?

Katie x

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21 thoughts on “Review | HUDA Warm Brown Obsessions Palette

  1. OMG these shades are so stunning!! I love warm tones and I think I would use every single pan!
    When I will end my Naked 3 palette I will buy this for sure!

  2. I have the mauve one and love it! And I’m also surprised there’s only one shimmer, I thought there were at least three.. still beautiful though x

    1. I think there is three in the mauve palette (which I’m sure you know) 😛 but it doesn’t really bother me tbh, I’m kinda getting into the matte eye look

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