2018 Empties #2

Makeup, skincare and haircare empties
Makeup, skincare and haircare empties

I’m making these empties videos a monthly occurrence, so read January’s empties here. So, here I go again, sharing with you my thoughts and feelings on the products that I have finished over the month. There is also a YouTube version of this which in embedded below!

Body Shop Strawberry Body Polish | This is one of my favourite products of all time, I’ve had like a million. It does an amazing job of soaping up, gently exfoliates and it smells amazing!

Soap and Glory Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub | If you need a little more scrub, then this is your one. Plus it actually smells edible!

The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter | I feel like these body butters are a classic. I don’t know many people who haven’t tried one of these, they’re just so good and they come in the most amazing scents.

Head & Shoulders Supreme Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner | I have to say, these are miles better than the original H&S shampoo and conditioners (which I don’t really like), but I still prefer my Herbel Essences…

Superdrug Hair Therapy Oil with Macadamia | This is actually such a good hair oil, and it’s affordable! I don’t think I will ever purchase the Moroccan Oil hair oils ever again.. because this is just as good and cheaper AND it has a pump!

Redken No Blow Dry NBD Airy Cream | I was OBSESSED with this, it made my hair feel amazing. And, if it wasn’t for the fact I have other hair serums to use up and other hair serums I love which are slightly easier to get hold of, I would be all over this.

Makeup, skincare and haircare empties

Simple Facial Wipes | I used to use facial wipes more often than I wanted, but now I basically only use them for makeup swatches. However, if I want a pack of wipes it’s ALWAYS the simple ones!

Simple Deep Cleansing Face Mask | This is a perfect shower mask. Because it only needs to be left on for three hours, and it’s essentially just a stronger face wash. Not sure I would run out and buy one straight away, but it’s a good basic face mask/wash.

Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Mask | These are actually pretty good, I enjoyed using it. However, they’re fairly expensive and fairly difficult to get hold of, and I love the Garnier sheet masks which are cheaper and easier… so not sure I’ll repurchase.

Garnier SkinActive Honey Mask | This is one of those moisturising face masks where you leave it on your skin and then rub in the excess… I’m not sure I really love these all the time, but once a fortnight or whatever, this could be a great idea!

Starskin Plumping & Hydrating Second Skin Lip Mask | Slight gimiky, but it does kind of work. Not sure I’ll repurchase as I’m not sure it’s something I really need.

Superdrug Vitamin E Eye Cream | I’ve already repurchased this because it’s a great cheap, basic eye cream that does a good job.

Skyn Iceland Relief Eye Cream | This has the weirdest cream cheese like texture, but on your eyes is amazing! It’s quite expensive, and seems to be difficult to get hold of, but it I received another sample I would be VERY happy.

Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm | I actually loved this. I always assumed it was a bit of a joke product… not sure why. But, it’s a great thick lip balm ideal for these winter months when your lips get super cracked

Maybelline Baby Lips | This is a much lighter and cheaper option, but still a very good lip balm.

Makeup, skincare and haircare empties

Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Serum | I quite liked this, but I don’t think I’ll repurchase because I love the Facial Pads from the same range and I don’t feel like I really need both.

Neals Yard Deliciously Ella Moisturiser | This is more of a chuck out than an empty. But for some reason the scent in this product really didn’t agree with my skin, and it made my face itchy and then break out… however the face wash I used a few months back was AMAZING

Caudalie Vinosource | A great light-weight moisturiser! I get samples of this all the time, so not sure I’ll actually buy one, but I’ll definitely use up my samples.

REN Revitalising Night Cream | This was a good night cream, it did the job. Not sure it’s my favourite, but not necessarily anything bad to say

Korres Wild Rose Sleeping Facial | Same as the above to be honest.

Body Shop Vitamin E Night Cream | I love Body Shop skincare, especially their face creams, and this one is amazing!

No.7 Protect & Perfect Night Cream | Ok. I think this is my favourite. It was so luxurious and thick and it made my skin feel amazing. I definitely want to try more skincare from No.7!

Body Shop Strawberry Hand Cleanser | This is a good hand gel, it still had that alcohol scent, but it also has that lovely signature strawberry scent. Enjoyed this, would definitely buy again!

Makeup, skincare and haircare empties

GOSH Brow Gel in Transparent (x2) | My go-to brow gel. I’ve had about 8 of these already and I will continue to repurchase forever!

the Balm Stainiac | This was a nice sheer tint that lasted a long time. However, it dried up and went all weird… so I’m half chucking it out, half used it up

What products have you been using up recently?

Katie x

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13 thoughts on “2018 Empties #2

  1. I love Soap and Glory skincare, I definitely need to start using it more. Breakfast Scrub is amazing, but I had no idea it was actually edible!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  2. These are some of my all time favourite posts, I love to see what everyone has been loving throughout the year. I love the sound of the No7 Night cream – their products are so great – and will definitely be trying out that strawberry body polish, I bet it smells so good. Thanks so much for sharing!

    Holly from The Art of Being Holly xo

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