New | Maybelline Lifter Gloss in Moon

Here’s the last in my trio of Maybelline product reviews! As someone who’s never been a massive lip gloss person, here’s a review of one of the new Maybelline Lifter Glosses in the shade Moon.

Here’s what they claim;

This breakthrough formula with Hyaluronic Acid visibly smoothes lip surface and enhances lip contour with high shine for hydrated, fuller-looking, plumped lips. Plus, its XL wand transforms lips in an easy, one swipe application. This hydrating lip gloss is available in a full range of modern shades, like Pearl, Ice, Amber, Topaz, Crystal and more. Apply it for a hydrating, glossy shine and fuller, plumping look.

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Packaging & Price

At £8.99 a pop they’re relatively in the middle of the range when it comes to drugstore lip option and in line with the rest of Maybelline’s lip options. The packaging is this big, chunky clear plastic bottle with a nude lid. Overall I quite like the packaging, but it does feel a little chunky and so takes up quite a lot of space in your makeup bag!


There are 8 shades in total. From the shade Ice (which is a clear/white based glosh) through a whole selection of various nudes. Honestly I often get a number of shades to review when it comes to a lip option… but it just didn’t feel worth it! Not only do I not wear lip gloss often, but most of the shades look the same!

I have the shade Moon, which is a sheer peachy pink lipgloss with almost a gold reflective glitter in it


First thing to say is this is not pumping at all. So if you’re expecting this to make your lips tingle, then you’ll be disappointed. But if you don’t like that (which is where I stand), then you’ll probably prefer it. It’s one of those sticky lipglosses that you feel on your lips and your hair gets stuck to it. And while it’s not drying, and it does make your lips look juicy, it’s just too heavy…. and then it wipes off after an hour. And I know a lot of lip glosses are like this, but I have certainly tried better lip glosses (I see you Max Factor)…

Overall Impressions

I mean, I’m sure you’re getting this vibe from this review, but this is not for me. I don’t like to feel like I’m wearing a lip product (unless it’s a balm)… and I also don’t really want my lips to rub off in an hour! But I’m also not a fan of lip glosses, so I’m also not surprised!

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Have you tried this? If so, what did you think?

Katie x

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66 thoughts on “New | Maybelline Lifter Gloss in Moon

  1. At 30 yo, I have literally learned to wear lipsticks not too long ago (I KNOW) but there is nothing I can do still for lipglosses, I just can’t deal with them – so this was my kind of review for sure!

  2. I have such a love/hate with lipglosses so I totally understand where you are coming from. It’s a nice colour, hopefully it is knocking about in a lipstick somewhere.

  3. I got them after everyone said it’s a Fenty Beauty dupe but I personally think the Fenty glosses are better. However, I don’t hate this gloss and it is a great drugstore/affordable option. But I’m a gloss lover so I think that’s why I’m easily satisfied lol.

    xoxo Simone |

  4. I have to say I wasn’t sure about the shade of this one. Also lip glosses can be a bit of a hit or miss. I hate feeling like my lips are sticky and when they come off super quick and I have to keep reapplying it can be really annoying. From your review I don’t think I would particularly like this lip-gloss either.

  5. That looks like a beautiful lip color. Thanks for sharing your review of this product.

  6. I’ve seen these glosses mentioned a lot lately but like you when I looked up the shades I thought a number of them looked similar. I have been enjoying lip glosses with a bit shimmer as lip toppers recently and there’s a handful from Fenty, Colourpop and Makeup Revolution I love! None of these tingle and the formula is comfortable xx

  7. The Maybelline lip gloss looks cute! It is great that it is super affordable, and you get your money’s worth. The shade you got looks cute! Love the shimmer! It is a bummer that you didn’t enjoy the lip gloss as much – I am with you about glosses in general. At least you still gave it a try!

    Nancy ✨

  8. I’m not too much of a fan of lip gloss too but I did like the Fenty lip glosses. The color you reviews moon reminded me of the fenty lipgloss color it’s shame that it rubs off so quickly.

  9. it is more nice if you dont apply make up so that the natural beauty will be seen but it sometimes required to apply make up especially in the work

  10. I love lip glosses & the shade is pretty, but this one doesn’t seem worth the price especially since the formula isn’t that great.

  11. Lip gloss are a hit and miss but I have been lucky with them so far… thank for this now I know about the maybelline lipgloss … I am more of a Rimmel lipgloss girl tbh

  12. This is SO similar to the Fenty lip bomb from the packaging to the colour except this is half the price! From what you’ve described the forumla is the exact same too, feels quite heavy and somewhat sticky however the Fenty one does have a slight tingle! I do love the way it looks but after a while i find myself wiping it off due it just being too heavy, but it does smell nice!

  13. Thank you for your honest review! I love lip gloss but only if it’s not sticky. The shade looks like something I would wear, so it’s unfortunate that it’s not as good as I was hoping.

  14. Great and honest review! Love the color and love the gloss bottle it comes in. I typically do clear or nude lip goss shade, but this one looks like it would def fit my skin color. Thanks for sharing. Now to the store I go!

  15. I’m with you on lipglosses. I like the look of them, and sometimes I try, but even with non sticky formulas… the longer the hair the harder the struggle.

  16. Ahhh.. I totally agree with your view when your hair stick to the gloss..I totally hate it too…But most of the glosses I’ve used are the same.. I love the packaging and would definitely want to try out these 🙂
    The color looks lovely btw.

  17. Lip glosses at the drugstore are really hit and miss for me. But this one in particular is so beautiful in terms of packaging and the shade. Looks like a perfect fit for my skin tone. Thanks for the honest thoughts! xx

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