New | L’Oreal Chromatic Bronze Lip Topper

L'Oreal Chromatic Bronze Lip Topper
L'Oreal Chromatic Bronze Lip Topper

I feel like brands are coming out with these lip toppers all the time, and sometimes I kind of wonder why? Do people really use them? It’s no surprise over here on my blog I’m not really the biggest fan of these things. However, unlike many of the other brands, L’Oreal have at least kept their shades to standard lipstick shades (maybe not the purple… but definitely the other 3)

There are 4 shades in the range, and they sell for £9.99 a pop. The packaging is a simple clear tube, so you can see what colour it is straight away, and the doe foot applicator is pretty standard. No complaints here.

L'Oreal Chromatic Bronze Lip Topper

The 4 shades are (from left to right), Copper Bay, Cosmo Girl, Purple Fizz and Red Tonic. They are super shimmery lipsticks that actually do pack a fair amount of pigment on their own.. and so you could wear them on their own. I actually do like the four colours, with Copper Bay being (effectively) your nude, Cosmo Girl your super pale pink, Purple Fizz a stunning purple and Red Tonic your old red shade. They apply nicely over the top of all the lipsticks I tried, and didn’t move around the product underneath. As they do have a lot of back pigment, they did alter the shade of the lipstick underneath slightly, but as long as you’re prepared for this, I wouldn’t say it’s an issue.

L'Oreal Chromatic Bronze Lip Topper Swatches

On first application, your lips looks super glossy, shiny, plump and full of life. However, then it dries down.. and this is where it gets all gritty on the lips, you can really feel the glitter, and this starts to ball up and almost separate on the lips. Meaning that at a distance you still look pretty, but get closer and it all starts to look like a complete mess!

So, honestly, I wouldn’t really recommend these… but then again, when do I ever recommend a glitter lip topper!

Have you tried these? If so, what did you think?

Katie x

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