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Any of you who have been following me on my Instagram these last few weeks will know that I’ve been doing an eyeshadow series over there where I share an eyeshadow palette every other day or so, swatch it, show a look with it on my eyes and share my top pros and cons. And I’d love to bring some of that content over here. One of you lovely lot said you think my reviews could benefit with a ‘this is the product actually on my face’ photo and I find them so hard to get on my big DSLR camera and they look a little low res on my iPhone 8… however my iPhone 12 mini arrives today (on the day I’m writing this) so I’m hoping photos of the product on my face will start appearing soon! But if you head over to Insta, find my ‘Eyeshadows’ highlight on my profile, you’ll be able to see photos of it on my face there!

But putting that aside, I have another one of the HUDA Beauty mini palettes and I thought I would share with you my thoughts and feelings!

Here’s a review of my other HUDA palette: Review | HUDA Warm Brown Obsessions Palette

Packaging & Price

I love these little palettes! Not only are they so cute, but I love the magnetic compact packaging, the decent sized mirror and the decent sized pans (with 0 wasted space)! Considering they’re cardboard packaging, they do feel super high quality and robust and I think it actually works better than if it was plastic. Price wise they’re £25 a pop, so expensive for what they are, but also not bad considering it’s a high end brand and you have 9 gorgeous shades in there, meaning they’re only like £3 a pop. So it depends on how you value makeup tbf

Colour Story

Described as being ‘rich rose gold, amber, burnished bronzes and tangerine orange shades’ it pretty much sums up the colour story perfectly. You have four shimmer shades and 5 matte shades, which is a good mix and it does look pretty. However… you do have a lot of shades in there that are very similar tones and when you blend them out on the eyes they all sort of mix into the same colour. Which if you like an orange toned, bronzy look, then hey ho, nothing to complain about. But it’s really not as versatile as (say) their Warm Brown Obsessions Palette. And I feel like this is the general theme with their Precious Stone Series.

Formula & Application

It’s no secret that HUDA’s shimmer formula is one of my favourite out there! They’re pigmented, and buttery and apply beautifully onto the lid without the need for wetting your brush! They also last FOREVER on you lid! Three of the shimmers in this palette are pretty much the same shade, but they are all so pretty and the deeper coppery brown is such a gorgeous deep shimmer!

The mattes are ok. They’re relatively pigmented and super easy to blend, but on finger swatches some of the shades are a little patchy and I feel like they do take a little while to build up on the lid. Which, I don’t mind too much because I find them a little easier to work with that way. However, when you’re paying £25 for a palette, you would sort of expect a little bit more from them. However, once they’re there on your lid, I don’t find that they fade or crease or anything over the day.

Overall Impressions

I LOVE the shimmer shades, and I will probably reach for this a lot when I’m looking for shimmery shades in that super warm copper tone. However, is this a regular eyeshadow palette that I’ll use all the time? Probably not. The colours are a little too orange for me to use on the daily, and I feel like there are other palettes in my collection I love more.

Do you have one of the HUDA Beauty Precious Stone Series?

Katie x

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46 thoughts on “Review | HUDA Beauty Topaz Obsessions Palette

  1. Love the breakdown! I’ve got warm undertones, so these colors are practically screaming “blend me!” I can’t imagine I’d use it as an every day palette – but I’d definitely hit a crease with them!

    Also, had NO idea Huda was the place to go for shimmer shades. I’m always so afraid of them, but might have to check it out! 🙂

  2. Love this palette! I’m a fan of warmer tones and this looks great 🙂 Enjoyed reading your review, I’ve been hesitate of Huda in the past because of the price, but will definitely have to look into now!

  3. I love little palettes like these! I’m not sure if we have Huda in the States but I will have to keep an eye out. Thank you for the honest review.

  4. This palette is 100% up my street, the shades are so gorgeous. I haven’t had a Huda beauty palette before but I really want to now because this looks great! X

  5. I love the Huda Beauty palettes as they are so pigmented and beautiful in colour. I currently have the Huda Beauty Nude Light palette, but I will definitely be giving this a try! Thanks for sharing!!

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