Collagen | My (Honest) Experience After One Month

Correxiko* reached out to my and asked if I would try their Marine Collagen supplements for one month in return for an honest review, so here we are after finishing my one month sample.

I’d always been intrigued by whether Collagen supplements actually do anything and especially if they do anything when you’re only 25, so thought I’d give it a go for you and be your guinea pig. I had no negative side effects, but it’s worth noting that you can experience them, so be careful… either way here’s my experience

Capsules vs Powder

I had a 5ox bag of the powder and a 120 capsules (which works out at 30 days) bottle. All in all I prefer the capsules just because they’re more fuss free… The powder doesn’t change the taste of what you’re eating at all, but I did find it gave my tea a weird texture and so (as I don’t eat smoothies or things I can normally put this in) it’s not something I can easily build into my diet. The capsules are fairly big and do have a slightly strange taste to them, but otherwise had no issue

Powder £39.95

Tablets (1 month) £35

Skin Hydration and Elasticity, Anti-Ageing

As a 25 year old, I didn’t actually notice a massive change to my skin while taking this. I don’t have any wrinkles to speak of, so nothing much to report of there… and also I noticed very little change in my skin at all while on this. I find that a decent skincare routine and regularly drinking water does actually make a huge difference… taking Collagen (at least for me)? Not much change at all

Stronger Nails and Thicker Hair

Neither my nails nor my hair have ever looked healthier and felt thicker after my month of being on this. My hair is naturally thick, but I found my hair fell out less as I was brushing my hair. And, after chewing my nails for years, they’re REALLY brittle. They break at pretty much every chance they can get and nothing seems to help. What I did notice is my nails felt much stronger!

Healthy Weight Loss and Improvements in Exercise Recovery

Sadly (with gyms closed) I can’t say exactly what muscle percentage I’ve gained. But, I’ve only just started to really see and feel the benefits of my exercise in ways that I haven’t in previous months! I’m actually now starting to see muscle growth! I’ve been working really hard in the last few months to get fitter and feel healthier and I found this really helped top up that exercise I was doing myself. However, I can’t also comment as to whether this would have happened without them

Would I Recommend?

I mean I’m not a dietician, so I can’t completely say yes or no when it comes to taking these on the daily. However, for myself personally, I probably wouldn’t continue taking them. While my hair and nails felt and looked healthy, I would rather replace supplements with good, decent nail and hair care. And with fitness, I really just need to drink more water and eat more protein. While I’m sure there are no negative side affects for most people taking collagen supplements, I just didn’t see enough of a change in anything to really warrant risking it.

Have you tried collagen? If so, what were your findings?

Katie x

* Product is gifted, but all opinions are my own.

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33 thoughts on “Collagen | My (Honest) Experience After One Month

  1. Personally I haven’t tried collagen, so this post has been super interesting to read. Thanks for sharing your experience with it

    xoxo Olivia

  2. I have been reading more and more about collagen and I wonder if it is something I need to think about. My skin really needs a boost, I am starting to look my 37 years and I could really do with NOT looking that age!! Lol

    Thanks for sharing your experience x

  3. I never took collagen to be honest, but I know that some people find it very helpful for their skin, I guess it depends on the person. Thank you for sharing Katie x

  4. I’ve never tried collagen but I agree with your opinion on supplements, I try to stick to getting nutrition from other sources and sticking to supplements only when I know I can’t get enough (eg. vitamin D). Thank you for this review though, it was interesting to learn about a new brand x

  5. Thanks for this honest review. I’m not one for taking supplements unless I get my Doctor’s okay ahead of time as they may interfere with other medication. Thanks for sharing.

  6. This is such a great, honest review. I’ve not tried collagen supplements before but I do take some hair, nails and skin ones from Wilko which I love the results of.

  7. Loved the honest review! I am looking for something to thicken my hair cause its so thin but like you say you can focus more directly on supplements specific targeting that!

  8. Thanks for this review! I’ve always been curious about collagen but wasn’t sure how effective it actually was.

  9. I’ve heard about collagen but never really did that must research in it. This review was really good and honest. It has it’s benefits but maybe works differently for other persons. Great post! 😊

  10. It is so interesting to see how people are affected after taking collagen. I’ve taken collagen in the past but wasn’t too sure about its benefits. Though I found capsules being so much easier to intake than the powder version. It is great that you felt like your hair and nails looked healthy. It is always worth giving a try 🙂

    Nancy ✨

  11. I’ve been reading up a bit on collagen as it’s not something I knew anything about – it appears its efficacy is not yet proven but with Americans spending $293 million on collagen products in 2020 there is big money to be made. Do Correxiko give any data about where they source the product from?

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