Reacting To My Old Blog Posts | Nearly 6 Years Ago!

I recently wrote a ‘Reacting to my old Instragram Posts’ post and not only did you guys absolutely love it, but I thoroughly enjoyed writing it! So I thought it was only right I follow it up with the blog edition. And let me tell you, my blog Instagram may only be a few years old (and so not all that embarrassing), but I started this little old website in the summer between my first and second year at uni to document my journey learning about makeup (as I fall into the category of people who didn’t wear makeup till they were 19), and so these posts date back to 2015… and that is some serious cringe right there!

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So if you want to see me embarrassing myself to death… yeah keep reading!

The First Post: My New Lipstick Obsession

Post date: JUNE 20, 2015

I mean one, it took me a year to find this photo as I’d helpfully named it dsc_8408, but this is a proper blast from the past! I used to be head over heels, you couldn’t get me away from them, obsessed with these Rimmel Kate Moss Lipsticks! I don’t own them anymore… because 1. hygiene and 2. makeup has moved on a lot since then. But they were such a mood! I used to sit on the floor and just look at them!

But putting the nostalgia of the project aside, this photo was actually taken on my old desk in my old childhood room. Neither of which I have anymore. Although I’m pretty sure it’s taken on the camera I still own… which is a little nuts!

The entire post is 234 words! Which to me now is a little nuts (as I’m averaging 690 word per post now.. turns out I’m a little more rambly these days). I mean the written content isn’t all that embarrassing tbf… but it doesn’t have a single comment… which is sort of sad! haha

Read it for yourself: My New Lipstick Obsession

The First Makeup Haul: Mini Boots Haul

Post Date: JUNE 25, 2015

Green desk is still there.. but I’m getting into the flatlay feels! This post now cracks me up for two reasons… I now tend to go to Superdrug unless I want something higher end (as I worked in Superdrug in my final year at Uni and now I have this weird brand loyalty) and two…. most of these products suck! But putting all that aside, I was just excited back then to add some new products to my collection. Makeup was all so new to me back then that even a slightly naff product felt amazing (and that was kind of the process of learning I wanted to document).

I really didn’t understand what paragraph breaks were it seems…

Read it for yourself: Mini Boots Haul

My First Favourites Post: August Favourites

Date posted: AUGUST 30, 2015

The green table has gone!

I’ve got such a love hate relationship with favourite posts! Sometimes I love them and sometimes I hate them, and I feel like it’s probably quite a healthy way to feel about them.. but this is so cute! Zoella’s first range! Wow old school. I still love that concealer (along with the rest of the world), still love a button up shirt… and I dream of those sandals a lot… like I really really miss them.

Other than that I’m clearly getting more inventive with my flatlays, which is cute looking back!

Read it for yourself: August Favourites

The Marble Paper: Rimmel Kate Moss Lipsticks

Date posted: JULY 5, 2016

Not only am I now labelling photos in a way that I can actually locate them… but it’s taken me a year but we have marble paper! Now I love a bit of marble paper, and I still use it today (albeit a matte one, so I don’t get loads of reflections), but it’s so cute to see that old one… as I haven’t in years! Also hilarious that the Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks are back. If memory serves me right, this is one of my most viewed post on my blog ever! It was in this month I started posting nearly everyday and then pretty much solidly for the next year I took blogging so seriously and hit so many amazing milestones.

I then dropped off the face of the planet, and have only dabbled in it for one post here or there until 2020.

But I’m actually still low key proud of this post, even if it is ancient and I’m pretty sure these lipsticks have been discontinued

Read it for yourself: New: Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick

The New In Phase: Max Factor Creme Bronzer

Date Posted: JUNE 11, 2017

I think it’ll take me a while to match the stats I was achieving at this point in 2018, but I became a blog of new in product reviews! Working in superdrug it meant I was forever on top of the new beauty launches and I could often get my hands on them before or on the day they launched! And they are still (to this day) some of my most read blog posts! And I’d love to capture some of this magic again, but also I wonder if the single product reviews are sort of dying out a little these days, but it was such a golden era on my blog

You can also see my flaylay style starting to come together, which considering this is 2 years in, but also 3 years ago nearly to now, I feel like it’s kind of interesting to see how my style is starting to come together

Read it for yourself: New | Max Factor Creme Bronzer in Light Gold

And then there’s 2-3 years of me posting and then not, but let’s not get into that! But all in all, it’s quite fun to look back and reminisce about some of the mistakes and growth I’ve had over the past nearly 6 years of doing this! Hopefully I’ll have 6 more of them!

How long have you had your blog?

Katie x

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30 thoughts on “Reacting To My Old Blog Posts | Nearly 6 Years Ago!

  1. It’s so great to look back and reminisce where you started and where you’re now! It’s always a nice walk down memory lane, thanks for sharing x

  2. This was such a fun post! I started my blog in the Summer between my first and second year at university so I completely relate to looking back at your blog posts from them and cringing a bit haha. I started my blog around 3 and half years ago and it was actually a university blog at first 🙂 x

  3. What a fun post!!! I love looking at old posts, makes you realize too how much you’ve grown as a writer!

  4. This is such a fun post and congrats for blogging for almost 6 years – that’s such an amazing achievement. I have blogged since 2014 and it was very cringe but I kind of wished I kept up with it – it would have been really interesting haha x

  5. The kate moss Rimmel lipsticks!! Hahaha, I used to love them so much. I’ve never been big into makeup so I’m genuinely reading these posts, like yep still use that and that! This was such a nice read though, I think it’s good to look back and see how far you’ve come!

  6. Amazing post! I loved seeing what your blog used to be like! Thank you for sharing this! I also used to love Rimmel lipsticks. I’ve been blogging for 7 months now which is crazy!

  7. It is a learning experience seeing the ways you have evolved in your writing and photography! It takes a while to hit upon the stride we want to walk in but, once we find it, it stays!

  8. This is a very fun idea to do, I think all bloggers should do this! They get to see how much their blogs have changed and grown for the better!

  9. This is a lovely post, and I like how reflective and honest you are.😊 I’ve only been blogging for just under four months now; it’s amazing that you’ve been blogging for so long. Thank you for sharing.

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