My New Lipstick Obsession



I’ve recently purchased these Kate Moss lipsticks, and have completely fallen in love. I discovered these after Zoella raved about them on her YouTube channel, and decided that I really wanted to pick them up and try them for myself.
They have become my favourite for a number of reasons. The main reason being that the colours and the pigmentation of these lipsticks are amazing. The colour range, although not as extended as other lipstick brands, for me is absolutely perfect, I am quite reserved when it comes to lipsticks, and so I have found all of my favourite, staple colours in this range. They are extremely affordable (under ยฃ6!), and so you can easily build up a collection, and doesn’t break the bank. The packaging is also great, very compact, and attractive. My favourite two are number 32, which is a coral colour, and perfect for summer, and number 38 is a perfect everyday nude-pink.
The only downside with this lipstick is that I find it can be quite drying, and so I find I have to apply a lip balm underneath or a lipgloss over the top to stop my lips drying out. But I findย this can help the colour stay on longer anyway.
This lipstick is amazing, and I fully intend to make future purchases. I think it should be a staple in everyone’s makeup collection, and highly recommend it!

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