My Summer Essentials

Summer is my favourite season of the year! I love the sun, I love the beach and I love warmth. So, I look forward to these type of things every year! This is just a collection of all my summer essentials, that I use on (very nearly) an every day basis, they are my go to things, and summer would not be the same without them.
An honorary mention has to go to bikinis, which I haven’t got here, and that’s not because I don’t think they’re an essential… it’s just because my washing machine decided to eat mine (as well as some other stuff of mine) when I put things in the wash a while ago… argh.
But, as we’re in the middle of summer, this is what I’ve been using and will continue to until the days become colder and shorter (NOOOO!)


Sunglasses – I own a few more pairs than these three, but these are my favourite. The front and back pair I’ve owned for a few years, and are from New Look and I have loved these for ages, the middle pair is fairly new. I love sunglasses, they add an extra layer to your outfit which I love. Plus, there’s nothing more unattractive than walking around, scrunching up your face because it’s too bright…

Kimonos – Once again, there is a mixture here between new and old. I have fallen in love with  these this year, and these are the 3 that I’ve been wearing on rotation recently. They are absolutely great because they add an extra layer in the day to cover your shoulders from the sun (as I burn like crazy), and add a light layer to keep you warmer when the evenings cool down.

Pastel Coloured Nail Polishes – most of these are in my favourite range of nail polish (Barry M Gelly), and the last one is a 2True nail polish. But I absolutely love pastels in the summer, because they are, well, summery. Pastel colours look so great with a tan, and these 5 colours get me by perfectly, the 2True being a more natural pastel colour, while the others being brighter and more colourful.

Coral Toned Lips – lipsticks have to be my favourite make up item, ever! I find coral colours are perfect for the summer months, and these are my favourite three. I have a my Rimmel Kate Moss in the shade 38, Max Factor Colour Elixir in the shade English Rose and my favourite, Christian Dior Diorific in the shade Diva – which is a gorgeous red-coral and stays in put for absolutely hours and feels so creamy on the lips, I am in love.

SPFs – I burn like crazy, and so these are essential for me, as they should be for everyone. I’ve gathered all these products together in this category (and these by far aren’t my only SPFs) because I have a few different products with SPF in them, starting from SPF 15. They all help to protect my skin from the sun.


Hair Flowers – There’s something about summer and putting flowers in your hair. I’m going to upload a post in the next week or two about how I use some of these to create my go-to summer hair styles, but I absolutely love to use these. When I grew my hair out, I gathered together a huge collection of hair accessories to ‘jazz’ up my hair with minimal efforts. Most of the hair accessories in the left photos are from Primark (who do some great hair things), and the paper flowers on the right are just from a craft shop and I love them so much.


Denim Shorts – Need I say more?! These go with everything, they should be a staple in everyone’s wardrobe. I live in denim shorts (and skirts.. but still) in the summer. I have a light washed, high waisted pair and a darker denim pair, both from New Look. New Look do some great denim shorts, go check them out!

Body Butter – this is my last summer essential. In the summer you usually show a bit more skin, and so this deeper moisturiser gets your skin looking soft and beautiful to be shown off to the world. During the summer I love to use fruity scents, such as Raspberry, and yeah, not more I can say about this really.

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