New Beauty Find | Beau Belle Make Up Brushes

Beau Belle Makeup Brush Set
Beau Belle Makeup Brush Set

Make up brushes are really expensive… especially considering a large proportion of make up can easily be applied with your fingers, and I’ve never really invested in a really good set of brushes. I saw these on Amazon just over a month and a half ago, and just had to get them. They just looked gorgeous on the photos, and the price is incredible. They are reduced from £44.95 to £19.95, and so are well over half price, and a really great deal considering you get 13 brushes as well as the holder in which they come.

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Considering ‘Real Technique’ brushes are at least £10 per brush, and these work out as about £1.50 a brush, I really wasn’t expecting them to be anything incredible, but I really wanted to try them. Had a bit of an issue with delivery, which was up to the fault of Royal Mail (the courier service they use), but when the seller was made aware of this, they were really quick to fix it and really apologetic, and it was really appreciated.

When they did arrive, they were gorgeous. The packaging they come is gorgeous. It’s this deep, chocolate brown, leather like material, separates into two halves, and connects together with little pop hinges. It’s something not every company would give you, and I think it’s really nice and means they’re really portable and safe.  

Beau Belle Makeup Brush Set

I still haven’t found a purpose for a few of these brushes, but there is literally everything you could possibly need in this set. The brushes are amazing, and the handles and detailing is beautiful. The brushes are so soft, they feel really nice on your skin, and apply your makeup in a delicate, effortless manner.

You get 4 face brushes; a powder brush, a contour brush, a foundation brush, and a general face brush. The powder brush is by far my favourite of all of them, it’s super soft, and although fairly dense, it doesn’t apply too much powder on, and so doesn’t leave your face feeling too cakey, which I find some other powder brush do.

You get a small angled brush to do your eyebrows and a spoolie to comb everything into place, I haven’t reached the point where I do much to my eyebrows, so I don’t really use these, but they feel soft on the back of my hand…

You get 4 general eye brushes, and 3 very small, precision brushes. So you’ve got everything you need to do everything from packing on pigment to blending out shadows and applying inner corner highlight. Once again, the quality is impressive for the price, but they can be a teeny bit scratchy.

For the price you pay they are a decent quality, and the seller is really quick to respond to any issues if you have them. So I would highly recommend buying these brushes.

Katie x

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