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So safe to say I have been so excited about this launch! I’m actually not particularly a Jamie Genevieve fan – like I think she’s amazing, but that’s not the reason I’m excited. This brand just calls out to everything I look for and I just had to pick this up… and so here is my full review of my Vieve The Essential Palette!

Hope you enjoy…

The Brand

I don’t often include this section in my reviews, but for this it just felt right. This is the reason why I love this brand: VIEVE is born from real life stories and conversations surrounding the positive impact that makeup has and its confidence boosting abilities. What a whole hearted and heart warming thing to say!

The brand launched a few months back and I love pretty much everything in the brand! The lipsticks look gorgeous, the highlighters even nicer and those lip liners? Ah I need them! Everything currently is natural and enhancing rather than bold or bright. I love how it was a collected brand launch. Starting with just a few things done well and well thought out. Rather than trying to go too hard too soon!

The brand is also 100% vegan and cruelty free.

Packaging & Price

So I am obsessed with this packaging! You have a leather effect black packaging with a stunning (yet elegant and subtle) Vieve logo on the front in gold. You then open the magnetised packaging to see what is hands down the best mirror I have ever seen… like I have no idea what this is made from, but it’s so darn clear! Sometimes I use it even when I’m at my desk and have my desk mirror right infront of me! You then have 10 large pans with the shade names underneath. The packaging is on point.

Price wise, this is £43. Which no word of a lie, is expensive! However, I picked mine up with a discount code on Cult Beauty. And to be fair, you get a lot of product for the price.

Colour Story

So this is what drew me in to this palette, the colour story is just me. I feel like if I could create an eyeshadow palette this is what I would come up with! You have 3 shimmers and 7 mattes and everything from a white-ish colour to a black. And everything carries this stunning warm neutral undertone (par Lavarock which is a little more neutral/cool toned). Here’s my lowdown on the colours;

So Shy | What you’d use to set down eyeshadow primer or something similar. I’m not sure I’ll finish this, but still handy to have

Glimmer | One of those gorgeous champagne colours. Perfect for the inner corner and brow highlight

Karat | I feel like all my favourite palettes need to have a shimmery gold in there!

Ciao | The shade I didn’t even know I needed. This is an orange based brown. Love it!

Buff | Just one of those classic crease shades!

Cosy | A gorgeous brown toned red!

Thea | Another shimmer, but this time a more bronzy shade

Delicious | A chocolatey brown

Lavarock | This is that shade that isn’t as warm as the other shades, but still gorgeous

Goodnight | A gorgeous black shade


The formula is gorgeous! The mattes are buttery and easy to blend! They are so pigmented and yet blendable, which makes them easy to work with for both beginners and experienced makeup users alike. The shimmer shades can be a little chunky, but they’re also really pretty! They reflect the light in a really stunning way and each have their place in the palette and compliment the mattes. They’re also not patchy and keep their vibrancy when blended out.

I haven’t worn makeup for more than say 12 hours in recent (as it’s not like I’m going out at night or anything), but they look as good when I take them off as they did when I put them on!

Project 10 Pan

So for those of you who don’t know, I’m doing a project 10 pan. And you can read about it here. And this is one of the products on there. You might think me mental for choosing something not only new in my collection, but with such big pans! However, I really want to love this palette for all it has to offer, so my goal for 2021 is to hit pan on 3 shades in this palette! So fingers crossed I can do it!

Overall Thoughts

I am head over heels obsessed with this palette and I can’t wait to work with it to create so many gorgeous looks! I’ll be sure to share them on my Instagram when I do!

Have you tried this brand? If so, what did you think?

Katie x

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66 thoughts on “New | The Best Neutrals Palette?! | Vieve The Essential Palette

  1. I love to discover a new vegan and cruelty free make up brand! I love these shades. Lavarock, Cosy and Ciao look amazing! Don’t know if i would manage to rock the Goodnight, but boy it looks good! Thanks for sharing yet another great palette Katie xx

  2. This looks like a perfect warm toned neutrals palette! I especially like the look of this with warm toned outfits and with pale toned eyes like mine (grey/blue). It makes my eyes pop! The color story seems similar to the Revolution chocolate orange palette and I adore that one.

  3. I haven’t heard of VIEVE before, but I love that they’re vegan and cruelty-free.
    The shades are pretty & the pigmentation looks great, but the price is expensive & that’s good you were able to get it using a discount code.

  4. This is a brand I’m unfamiliar with, but after seeing those swatches alone, I’m thinking I need to give it a go! The pigment is swoon-worthy! They’re not my typical colors (I usually look better in slightly cooler tones) but I do adore them and could see myself wearing some of them in autumn or mixing them with other palettes!

  5. I absolutely love warm tones for the eyes, this is super super gorgeous! Would love to try this and experiment with the different shades! Amy at xx

  6. I have never used or heard of this brand but these palettes look so gorgeous and they look like palettes I would enjoy using. The packaging is top-notch and the fact that they are vegan and cruelty free are just fab. Great review x!

  7. I love these colours! I have to confess I barely wear make-up these days because of social distancing (and, erm, laziness!) but seeing those lovely shades and sparkles is making me seriously want to have a play and try out some looks! x

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