Is It Worth The Hype? HUDA Beauty Desert Dusk Palette

So we all know HUDA Beauty almost own the hyped Eyeshadow Palette market! And I had my eyes on this palette for YEARS! And finally picked it up for myself in the Black Friday sales. And I’ve been using it on and off for the last 2 months and thought it was about time I shared with you what I think.. as well as whether I think it’s worth the hype that it has!

It’s worth noting I also have one of their mini palettes in Warm Brown Obsessions and I’m pretty much obsessed with it!

HUDA Beauty Desert Dusk Palette

Price & Packaging

I mean, it’s no secret that these palettes are expensive. At £56 a pop, they’re by no means the most expensive palettes out there, but they are still quite a financial commitment! The packaging is really nice! It comes in a cardboard (but really rigid) packaging with a decent sized mirror and 18 pans. It has a reflective elements on the packaging that gives is a luxe feel and the magnetic closure just weirdly brings my joy!

It also has a good amount of weight to it, and not really sure why, but it makes it feel that little bit more high end!

Colour Story

The colour story is described online as ‘vibrant, highly-pigmented shades that reflect the exotic landscape of the Arabian desert around us’. Realistically (to those of us who think more literally) it’s a collection of warm neutrals, purples and coppery-golds. You have 18 shades in 4 unique textures: 1 dazzling glitter, 8 creamy mattes, 6 shimmering pearl shades and 3 duo-chrome toppers.

I love the colour story! I feel like you can create everything from an everyday neutral look to a bright and popping gorgeous eyeshadow looks!


With the four different formulas all looking completely different, I’m going to break this down per the different formula:

Matte Shades – The matte shades are really really pigmented! They come off slightly drier than the more buttery formulas that are out there, but they still are really easy to work with and come with great colour payoff!

Pressed Pearls – These are effectively a shimmery shade, but with a slightly pretentious name! These have a much more buttery texture to them, which means they look gorgeous applied both with a brush and with your fingers. But, I would say you don’t really need to wet these as they are really pretty by themselves!

Duo-Chrome Toppers – These are Retrograde, Twilight, Celestial by the way. They’re basically a slightly chunkier shimmers that have a duo-chrome effect to them. They’re really pretty, but I would say you can only really pick it up when you are in bright light,… which in the middle of Winter in the UK, it doesn’t happen all that much!

Pure Glitter – So Cosmo is chunky! It’s a really weird texture, where it’s a glitter with very little base colour (which is not what it looks like in the pan), which means it swatches dreadfully! However, applied on to the top of an eye look, it’s actually really pretty and a more wearable way to wear glitter!

Overall Thoughts

Is it worth the money? And are there better palettes out there for cheaper (and even around the same price point)? Yes. But, do I love it? Will I use it? And so I weirdly still recommend it? Yes. I would say, wait till this is on some kind of discount and pick it up then, but all in all, this is a really beautiful palette and I’m so pleased I picked this up!

Have you tried this? If so what did you think?

Katie x

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49 thoughts on “Is It Worth The Hype? HUDA Beauty Desert Dusk Palette

  1. Love this review! I always heard good things about Huda Beauty, but never had a chance to try them yet! The colours look so good! I love that is a mix of warm tones, great for an everyday makeup and a bit of sparkle. Thanks for sharing x

  2. Great review! Thank you for sharing this! I’ve wanted a Huda Beauty palette for a while now because they seem really good. This palette looks so pretty and I love how it has a few different formulas!

  3. I do believe huda makeup and eye palettes are worth the hype. They are known for their pigment when it comes to eye palettes, and staying power when if you consider their skincare. I fully second your opinion.😀

  4. Great review!!! I honestly stay within the neutral color scheme, but there are days I want to be bold and try flashy eyeshadows. This looks like something I would like. And your description of it was perfect!

  5. This is such a great indepth review. I love that there is a range of colours and I definitely think its worth it if they are shades you could make use of.

  6. Sometimes, just knowing you’ve got a beautiful palette that you’re excited about is all you need to make the purchase worth it! This is a stunning palette and I love the different color and formula options throughout! I’d have so much fun creating different looks with it.

  7. I have a couple of the 9 pan Huda palettes and really like them. I agree that they’re not the best formula in the world but they’re still nice and fairly easy to work with. I’ve never picked up one of the bigger ones though, although I’m quite tempted after reading this x

  8. I love the colours, I feel like I would be able to work with them. I’ve never tried any of the Huda palettes before, but this has made me want to try it out.

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