Primark PS… My Perfect Colour Foundation | Best Foundation Ever?

PS Foundation

So I, like many of you, went into this with so much scepticism. I feel like I expect Primark makeup to be s**t! However, how wrong was I!? This is the My Perfect Colour Longwear Ultimate Matte Foundation. I have mine in the shade cool sand, and it’s only £5!

First thing’s first, the packaging is a gorgeous matte glass packaging. It does have that slightly higher end feel to it, and it does just look really nice. HOWEVER, it doesn’t have a pump – urgh! But… I can see past it.

PS Foundation 2

This foundation has a medium (not really buildable to full) coverage and a matte finish, which I feel develops more into a satin finish throughout the day (i.e. it is not too drying on the skin. The shade cool sand (the shade I am) is a perfect colour match for me and it doesn’t seem to oxidise on me. The foundation does look gorgeous on the skin and it doesn’t accentuate texture or pores.

However, the thing I’m most impressed about this foundation though is it’s wearing power! It is quite a thick formula, but I find this makes it last forever! This is a foundation that just wears really well with or without foundation. It doesn’t seem to crease, break up, or just disappear. It doesn’t transfer too much (though there is a little bit obviously.. it’s not magic!). I put this on at 7 in the morning, and then head off to work and when I get back at 7 in the evening it’s pretty much the same! It’s rubbed off a bit around my nose, but that’s purely because I rub it all the time (weird family habit… don’t mind me).

PS Foundation 1

The pump, or lack of, is really annoying due it’s thick formula. However, I honestly couldn’t care less… as long as I can still use it! This foundation is amazing! It’s currently my no.1 and argh where has it been all my life?

Have you tried this? If so, what did you think?

Katie x

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