Percy & Reed Wonder Overnight Recovery Hair Mask

Percy & Reed Wonder Overnight Recovery Hair Mask
Percy & Reed Wonder Overnight Recovery Hair Mask

As some of you may know, I damaged my hair my bleaching it… a lot, in two days. That’s the only damage I’ve ever really done to it ever, but it’s still taken a lot to repair it, and so I’ve found myself using loads of hair masks over the past few months. One that I have tried recently is one by Percy & Reed; their Wonder Overnight Recovery Mask.

You apply it to dry hair before you go to sleep and it more or less seems to vanish into your hair within the hour. You then head to sleep, it doesn’t damage your pillow at all. And then you go shower the next day. It says you don’t need to use your normal conditioner after use, but I find I needed to use it to make my hair feel soft..

I managed to get three uses out of the 75 ml bottle, and my hair felt and looked just as soft as it would have normally if I had used my normal shampoo and conditioner. For £20 for a 150ml bottle, I have to say I think there are significantly better options out there.

Have you tried this? If so, what did you think?

Katie x

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5 thoughts on “Percy & Reed Wonder Overnight Recovery Hair Mask

  1. Hey!

    What colour did you happen to bleach your hair with? I’ve come across hair masks only recently however I haven’t managed to find one for my hair type in particular(Afro-caribbean). When I do, my expectations of hair masks shall be high!

    Ps: Do you perhaps have a Snapchat account which I can follow? I’ve been trying to raise my blogging social media profile. If so, my name is BakingBoutique

    #sweetreats x

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