23 Things I’ve Learnt in 23 Years

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So it was recently my 23rd Birthday! Wooo! So, I thought I would celebrate by writing one of those complete basic blog posts… a xx I’ve learnt in xx years!

1. Life is short! Since turning 22 I’ve lost two grandparents and nearly lost the other two… it’s not been the easiest year! Treasure life, and treasure your loved ones!

2. Money does not make the world go round, but it helps. This sounds so materialistic… but having just that little extra money really does help your life go smoother and does make things a little easier

3. Don’t be afraid to say when you can’t do something. Be this at work, at home, in life, anywhere. I feel like this is something I’ve really learnt in the last year or two… don’t be afraid to speak up when you need help!

4. Take your holiday. This hasn’t been the easiest for me recently… but holiday is so important! It’s vital you take some time to turn off and relax. Even if it’s a staycation. Take some time for yourself!

5. I stress. At everything. I’ve known this for a long time. But I didn’t realise how much of this I hold in my shoulders… owch!

6. I have a shopping addiction. Do I need to explain? No? Let’s move on

7. I have way too many ankle boots… then again I live in them so it’s ok right?

8. Don’t settle. For me this year this has been in the career sense, but generally in life. Never ever feel like you’re settling!

9. Treat yourself. Self explanatory. Be this a relaxing bath, a takeaway, that last chocolate biscuit or a shopping trip… it all makes you feel better

10. Don’t underestimated power dressing! Basically dress to impress and it’ll instantly make you feel like you’re ready to take on the world!

11. If your job isn’t making you happy, don’t be afraid to move.

12. Tea is a life saver… but don’t drink caffeine before going to bed! This is something a doctor sorted out for me while I was at Uni. It’s not possible to digest the amount of caffeine in the million cups of tea I drink everyday… so stop with the caffeine after 4pm and you’ll sleep much better!

13. Taxes suck… (Income, Council, VAT, Inheritance, you name it… it sucks)

14. Job applications are hard, but you’ll get there. I’ve been fairly lucky with job applications, but I still filled out soooo many forms before I landed the best job ever!

15. I’m not a Top Shop girl. I go in there all the time feeling like I can be that edgy/cool/trendy…. no. I’m a DP/Zara girl… just stick to it.

16. Mistakes are allowed to be made. I’m such a perfectionist I really struggle with this and I take it so to heart when I make a mistake… but it’s ok to make them. It’s how you learn and it’s how you grow

17. Stop obsessing over numbers. Be it instagram, clothing sizes, or blog stats… numbers don’t really mean anything!

18. The focus on the Canon G7X sucks! It’s a cult classic because of it’s flippable screen… but the auto focus on it really is really slow… and I really don’t think it’s worth it!

19. Trousers. Straight to the point. Jeans are great, but trousers are an underrated clothing item, try them!

20. The hype round Love Island is real… yup I’m one of those people now! I managed to watch the last 4 years’ seasons all in 2 months and I don’t regret it.. that show is addictive

21. The Circle line is not a circle and the District line does some weird things. This actually makes me laugh just writing it! Nearly 1 year in living in London and I feel like I’ve only just mastered the underground…

22. Don’t bleach your hair in Turkey… or at home… or in some dodgy hair salon. Hair dressers are expensive because they know what they’re doing

23. You’re worth it. It sounds like a L’Oreal commercial. But honestly, it’s just a message I have to repeat to myself daily. I’m worth it. I deserve my job, I deserve my life, I deserve happiness.

Katie x

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  1. So much experience hardens one person and increases self-confidence that is a scarce commodity at Present. (for many people) good luck and continued successes, Bis24 hints!!!!!! Nice Sunday yet!!!!

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