15 Makeup Products Under £15 You NEED!

So we all know I love a bargain! And, while my high end makeup collection is growing and I’m OBSESSED! There’s just something about a good drugstore product you love and buy time and time again that just takes the biscuit! So, I thought I’d gather together my favourite makeup items for under £15 that I think you NEED!

This is not to say there aren’t other drugstore makeup items I LOVE! I just had to draw the line somewhere or I’d just talk you through my entire collection!

RCMA No Color Powder

This is actually my second bottle…! This powder is only £12.75 and lasts AGES! It’s such a good daily translucent powder that doesn’t look too heavy and doesn’t leave a white cast!

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Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat

I’m one of those people who wears nail polish, and then within the day it’s chipped! However, when I use this gel top coat, not only does it make my nail polish look super glossy and thick, but I get at least 3 days out of my nail polish before they start chipping!

L’Oreal Paris Rouge Signature Lipstick

If you want a bright lipstick that won’t go anywhere… these are the lipsticks you need! They a matte, kissproof liquid lipstick that lasts a really long time and can apply in just a few swipes.

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Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

I mean this has been a classic for what seems like a millennia! It’s a high coverage concealer, with now a slightly wider shade range, that blends out like a dream and doesn’t break the bank!

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L’Oreal Infaillible Concealer

While I love the Collection concealer, I would actually probably say this is my favourite! It’s so creamy and blendable, but still has really good coverage! It seems to merge in really well with my foundations!

Max Factor Face Finity All Day Flawless Foundation

I’ve had 3 of these now! It’s such a good everyday, buildable foundation, that blends out perfectly and lasts really well on the skin! It actually kinda upsets me that more people don’t talk about this foundation!

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Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

I mean I’ve included both the Maybelline Lash Sensational mascaras here; the original and the Sky High! They’re both brilliant mascaras, with the original being fool proof and the Sky High being more buildable! I just feel like you can’t go wrong with a Maybelline mascara!

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Max Factor Brow Shaper Pencil

Hands down the most repurchased product in my collection! I’ve had about 30 of these over the years! It’s the perfect shade match for me, so easy to give me the fluffy, full looking brows I love, and it’s super travel friendly and comes with a spoolie! The only downside? You seem to go through it really fast!

L’Oreal Infaillible Blush Paint Palettes

Not only are these gorgeous, pigmented but blendable blushes… these are also GORGEOUS eyeshadows!

Zoeva Cocoa Blends Palette

So I was sure this was under £15 when I pulled this post together… then I realised it wasn’t! However, it’s only £20 and I’m sure it’ll be on offer at some point making it £15… right? right? Putting my inability to look up things aside, this is a really beautiful eyeshadow palette that I’ve been in love with for many a year!

Revlon Matte Lipsticks

These are fast becoming my favourite lipsticks ever! They’re super comfortable, matte, not drying, pigmented, long lasting and come in some stunning shades! They’re not kiss proof, but I can totally look past that!

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Wet n Wild Rose in The Air

I always forget how cheap these eyeshadow palettes are! But they’re so pigmented, blendable and easy to work with… and this one is a great dupe of the ABH Modern Renaissance Palette!

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Elf Bitsize Palettes

Can you believe these are £3?! That’s just mental! While the colour story in each quad can be a little limiting, the formula is stunning!

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NYX Vivid Brights Eyeliner

With a brush applicator, these eyeliners come in some stunning bright shades, apply super easily and last all day! I’ve recently fallen head over heels with coloured eyeliner! And NYX make some of the best!

Max Factor Creme Bronzer in Light Gold

Ignore the word Creme, as this is 100% a powder bronzer! But it does have the most gorgeous everyday glow to it, making you look naturally bronzed! This is my second Max Factor Creme Bronzer and I would probably buy it again when this one is finished!

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And there you have it, my top 15 affordable makeup products you NEED in your life! What would your recommendations be?

Katie x

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65 thoughts on “15 Makeup Products Under £15 You NEED!

  1. This is such a great list! I am with you with nail [polish, it’s great to have it but end up messing it up after a day, so will have to try this top coat! The bitesixe palette from Elf sound like a must try too! Thanks for sharing x

  2. I love makeup that is a bargain! This post reminded me about how much I love collection lasting perfection concealer! I haven’t used it in ages, will defo pick one up next time x

  3. I have the Wet n Wild and the mini Elf palette you mentioned and I love them! Both are great quality and such an affordable price! I wish Max Factor was still sold in the US, I always wanted to try the brand! Thanks for sharing this, I loved reading about your favorites!


  4. Great list! So good to see Max Factor in this list, I feel like not a lot of people talk about this brand – and I’ve always been so curious to try it.

  5. I also love the Elf Bitesize palettes. It really packs a punch for such a tiny, affordable little thing!
    Was disappointed that the Collection concealer didn’t work for me – Sahara dry… but I want to try the Infallible!
    Thanks for posting. I have plenty to explore.

  6. I loveeeeee Wet n Wild! They create one of my favourite concealers – really great brand xx

  7. This is such a great list and there are some products I haven’t come across before. I love Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara and use it most days also I love the colours of Revlon Matte Lipsticks I think I will need give in and buy them.

  8. This is such a great list!! So many gems here. I love Lash Sensational mascara and I can’t stress it enough! I have repurchased it so many times, I’ve lost count! Haha xx

  9. I love L’Oréal Paris products and I like that they are not too expensive. I am happy their is more beauty products that are less expensive and good quality.

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