The Hyped Products I’m Not Trying

So there are some products that you guys all seem to love and rave about, and I seem to see all over Instagram, editorial content from the likes of Stylist Magazine and just everywhere I look! And, for one reason or another, I’m just not going to buy them! And sometimes I think it’s ok not to jump onto every single bandwagon, it’s important to remember what you think will work for you and not just to buy things for the sake of buying things!

So thought it was worth pulling together a list of hyped products that I’m not buying, with reasons, just so you know why they won’t be on my blog!

All of Colourpop

Not only are they quite difficult to get in the UK, but I really don’t agree with their ethics of mass releasing 100 different products every month and then not keeping the core collection in stock. It feels like the makeup equivalent of fast fashion, but on speed! And, while I see many reviews of their eyeshadow products and lipsticks and hear nothing but good things on the formula, I just don’t really think they’re for me. And, this is not to say, if I ever visit the US I probably won’t end up picking something up from Colourpop, but just right now, I think I’m going to leave them alone!


The ever famous Micellar Water. Honestly, the reason why I’m not going to try it is that I just really get on with the Garnier Micellar Water, and that stuff is like £3.

ABH Dipbrow

I’ve had a few dipbrow like products in the past, and I just can’t get on with them. Whether it’s the fact I haven’t got a good enough eyebrow brush, or maybe I’m just useless at using brow pomades. But, whatever the reason is, I can’t justify spending this much on a product I don’t get on with

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer

I’ve mentioned this a few times over the years, but my hair doesn’t seem to react to Philip Kingsley. Not that it does anything bad, just I don’t really see anything amazingly good. And I feel like everyone raves about this product, and I’ve only ever had a sample size and I’m not entirely sure it did anything…

Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte’s Magic Cream

Honestly? £75? For a face cream? What? No?

Urban Decay Wild West Palette

I have a few UD palettes and the formula is really nice, but there is just something about this colour layout that feels a little… random. Plus, I have pretty much every single one of these shades in another palette somewhere

Freck Faux Freckle

I’m naturally gifted with freckles, and while they hide during the winter, they’re all there in the Summer and just get more and darker the more I tan. I have a number of base products that will allow my natural freckles to shine through when the time comes and they’re back, but also have base products that can hide them for those days I don’t want them. However, because I have them on and off throughout the year, I really don’t see the point in buying a faux freckle pen

Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb

We all know I’m not a massive lip gloss person, and while I hear nothing but good things about these lip glosses, and a small part of me wants to buy them to see if it’s just the formula of lip glosses I’ve tried… I just don’t think I’d use it enough to warrant the price tag.

Hollywood Contour Wand

There is something about these sponge tip applicator cream products that make me feel a little weird. Plus, I’m not a massive cream bronzer person at the best of times!

What’s that one hyped product that people love that you’re not going to buy?

Katie x

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51 thoughts on “The Hyped Products I’m Not Trying

  1. I can’t believe the face cream is £75?! I know some ingredients in creams can be expensive, but what is this made of?! haha. Love the honest opinions and not buying into the hypes.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Aimsy xoxo
    Aimsy’s Antics

  2. I can really relate to most of these! Although I have tried colour pop – their lipstick quality is next level – the international shipping fees are just too much I was hit with a £40 customs fee for a £30 order once x

  3. I love posts like this! Not gonna lie, I do see some of my faves here but i totally undertand why you would choose not to get them! Agree about the CT cream and wild west palette too! xx

    Danielle’s Beauty Blog 

  4. Love this kind of posts, we always share what we love but never enough of hyped products we won’t buy! Honestly I would never manage to a £75 face cream, even if I had the money. I love the fenty gloss, but as you said if you’re not much into lipgloss, there’s no need to have them! Thank you for sharing x

  5. Last Christmas, I splurge a little bit and got myself Charlotte Tilbury’s pillowtalk makeup. I totally love it and I’m thinking of trying other products from this brand. I’m curious about the cream, but I don’t think I’ll buy it too. I love K beauty skincare products and found two creams that works like magic for less than $25.

  6. Appreciate your honest opinions on these products – I can’t believe some of the prices and hype attached to products that have great competitors that do the same job for whole lot less. Thanks for this!

    1. I loved reading this post! It can be so easy to get swept up in all the new makeup releases but it’s so important to take a step back to see what would actually work for you! Thank you for sharing!

  7. Completely agree with you about the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream – how magic can it be?! I did have the ABH Dip Brow when I was younger and I liked it, but I’m using the NYX one right now and cannot tell the difference, so at less than half the price I’ll stick to NYX!


  8. I love this! It’s so easy to get carried away with all the hype when comes to new products. I find as I get older, I don’t feel the need to get every new product that comes out. I’ve figured out what works for me and I’m mostly happy to stick with those. Mascara is the exception to the rule, I’ve yet to find a mascara that I really love. If you find a good one, let me know. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I love best of all that you are not buying the Wild West palette because you have all the shades amidst other palettes you own. Inevitably, buying hyped products without thought leads to the need for things like Project Pan. Being responsible from the start and buying with thought is a great way to add an extra level of consciousness to life.
    Thanks for sharing some wholesome reasoning on why you are skipping on these popular ‘must haves’. <3

  10. I’ve not tried any of these! The Naked Palette looks interesting but I think I’d just get Naked 3 again! I love that one.

    Corinne x

  11. I have not tried any of these products. With your honest opinion I will not be used these products. Thank you for sharing.

  12. Loved this!! I think anything from Colourpop is something that I see hyped up but not will most likely not try. For me its not that I wouldn’t but the company goes hard on product releases and I like to think about and take my time to purchase something! By the time, I kind of think about getting it, there’s so many new products out and I change my mind haha. Thanks for sharing x

    Lynn |

  13. I am a fan of ColourPop but yes it is frustrating that you can not get some of the palettes. But I love the shadows. Oh I sooooo want to try that Gloss Bomb. Ugh not a fan of dip brow products to heavy and dense for me. I want to try that Refry products that everyone is raving about. My brow struggle is for real!

    Allie of

  14. Oh I love this! So refreshing to see this kind of a review! I went a bit nuts last year (effects of lockdown?) and bought not 1 but 3 NAKED palets. Love the colour themes of each of them but daaang the formula is shite. I need to spray make-up set spray on my make-up brush so that any of the pigment becomes actually visible. Too much work for such an expensive eyeshadow palette. Will definitely use them all, but will not be buying more.

    Teresa Maria | Outlandish Blog

  15. Oooh the first one is a fact! Haha! Colourpop is unstoppable and I just can’t keep up with their new releases and to be honest, none of their new releases really speak to me. I would love to try a brow pomade for once in my life but I don’t think I’ll be reaching for it a ton, I’m so used to brow pencils xx

  16. I’m with you on mostly everything – the one thing that’s different is Bioderma. It’s my longest term relationship – 10 years and with backups for 3 more. That Charlotte Tilbury cream is absurd, I have a mini size: not worth it.

  17. This is such an interesting post, I love seeing what other people think are over hyped! I agree with the micellar water, why over pay when you can have great quality elsewhere? The UD palette does look quite random. Thanks for sharing!
    Em x

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