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Mixing All My Foundations Together
Mixing All My Foundations Together 3

A fellow blogger of mine, Cchosmetic Chaos, recently commented on a review of the new Barry M foundation to agree with me on the issue of shade range. Oh that topical debate… I actually bow my head in shame that I’m getting involved. But I’m not throwing any more shade at Tarte – they’ve had enough – I’m bringing the the forefront the brands that get no stick for having even less of a shade range.

The Foundation Shade Debate

Some of these foundations and brands are my favourites, they sit firmly in my makeup collection and I use them on a daily basis. However, their shade ranges just aren’t ok… and why is no one going on about it? How are these brands not in the headlines? Just as Tarte was…?

The source of this ‘debate’, the Barry M All Night Long Stick foundation… with a dismal 8 shades. It goes kinda light and kinda dark… meaning it’s not the worst out there (believe it or not). But it’s still pretty shocking. Not that I mind… because I really hate this foundation. But still..

The Foundation Shade Debate

For those of you who don’t know, I love the Bourjois City Radiance foundation, it’s one of my favourites and the formula is incredible. However, the shade range is 6….. 6 shades that only really cover the light-middle range of skin tones. Why does no one talk about this? Why has nothing been done? I just don’t understand.

The Foundation Shade Debate

The Rimmel Lasting Finish Breathable Foundation, another one of my favs, has a better shade range with 14 shades. However, lets face it, most of these shades are very similar.. which is fine, great even, if you have a large shade range, but when the shade range is so small, it kinda feels like it’s a foundation designed for a slightly pale caucasian with a few token shades popped on the side.

The Foundation Shade Debate

Collection do well when it comes to encompassing different undertones, and they have a beautifully pale shade… however, there are still only 10 shades in their foundations….

I could go on and on… There are just so many drugstore brands with shocking shade ranges. Higher end brands tend to be better with the larger shade ranges, but some drugstore brands CAN do shade ranges so right! Maybelline and L’Oreal to name two… I mean see below the shade range for the L’Oreal True Match..

The Foundation Shade Debate

Drugstore brands just need to up the ante unfortunately. Just because they’re cheaper… doesn’t mean they should cater to everyone. We live in a diverse and multicultural society. And just because Britain decided they hate the whole world (a view not shared by the whole country by the way.. not all of us want Brexit.. oh controversial again), doesn’t mean we don’t have residents from all over the world, from the super pale to the darker skinned. Brands need to wake up, and I hope I’m not alone in this.

Let me know your thoughts?

Katie x

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7 thoughts on “The Foundation Shade Debate | Drugstore

  1. Glad to see you do this post love… I have exactly the same thought process, even on the high end of things has no one ever noticed It cosmetics CC cream? Four shades… four. Count em. Lol

    I’m disappointed that it was like a witch hunt and people weren’t actually addressing the issue they were really just jumping on a “Tarte is the worst” bandwagon instead of looking at the lack of shade range in the industry in general

    1. I know! It’s insane. I focused on drugstore because I’ve never actually tried a high end foundation… but it really is an issue everywhere. I felt so bad for tarte, because although it was bad, they’re not alone in the issue :/

    1. Ikr! There are so many foundations I can’t wear because they don’t go pale enough! And I know a lot of darker skinned people who struggle to find a foundation too!

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