New | Barry M All Night Long Foundation Stick

Barry M All Night Long Foundation Stick Review
Barry M All Night Long Foundation Stick Review

Barry M is the next brand in line launching a new Foundation stick – following on from L’Oreal and Revolution to name just two. I’m not usually the biggest fan of stick foundations, however, the L’Oreal one did a pretty good job at changing my mind. So let’s see..

This foundation comes in a beautiful matte black packaging with rose gold accents. The foundation comes in only 6 shades.. which is a bit naff. But it is only £6.99 so pretty affordable!

Barry M All Night Long Foundation Stick Review

Ok guys, I feel so bad to be so negative on a Monday morning. But I hate this. It’s a thick foundation, that while it blends out pretty well, it feels very heavy on the skin and it clings to anything and everything. I have dry skin around my nose and I haven’t experienced anything quite like it… it accentuated everything! You could see it sitting on top of the skin, it separated really quickly throughout the day and it really didn’t last ‘all night long’. I mean, I actually wore it all day as opposed to all night, but within a few hours it was already breaking down (mainly on the chin and nose)

Barry M All Night Long Foundation Stick Review

Good points? The shade matched me pretty well, the packaging is beautiful, it’s affordable and it does blend pretty well. Bad points? Pretty much everything else…

However, I am in now way shape or form bashing the brand. Their nail polishes are hands down my favourite, their eyeshadows are sneaking their way into my daily routines, their blushes are gorgeous and their lip products are also pretty good… just this is a miss for me.

Have you tried this? If so, what are your thoughts?

Katie x

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12 thoughts on “New | Barry M All Night Long Foundation Stick

  1. my biggest peeve with this, is that no one talks about the shade range.. 67 shades is actually pitiful. And yet other brands are getting raked over the coals for more than 15… like… wtf?

    1. I know.. I don’t know why people don’t seem to care about it. Maybe because it’s not an overhyped launch like the Tarte one? I don’t know.. but Barry M and Bourjois to name just two have terrible shade ranges!

      1. Most brands do, and I just like… argh then other brands other than fenty have come out with huge shade ranges and are never even mentioned.

  2. Hourglass has a great foundation stick but def more expensive, I’m not of huge of foundation sticks either! I use and love laura mercier’s tinted moisturizers, great for us with dry skin!

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