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Remember how at the beginning of the year, I told you all I wanted to start a new series? No? Well… I wanted to start something that was my own. A series I can keep going back to month after month and something to give me a little bit more content and structure!

However, as you may know ‘there’s not such thing as an original idea’ anymore! And I’m not claiming in any way that this is completely unique, but I wanted to merge together the haul, the wishlist and the antihaul and give to you Dressing Room Diaries!

The idea being that every few weeks, I pop into one of my favourite high street shops, put together a handful of items that I probably won’t buy, and share with you by thoughts and feelings on the clothes I’ve tried! And then link through to the online shop – just in case you actually want to pick them up!

Zara Dressing Room

I’ve started with potentially my favourite high street clothing shop; Zara! Potentially because their website truly is awful, but also potentially because they have really good clothing at affordable prices, Zara is one of the biggest of the high street giants.

I popped into their Oxford Street flagship store and picked out 11 items and 6 outfits… let me know which is your favourite!

Boots are Just Fab

Zara Outfit 1

I have never worn a less flattering outfit! The jeans look like they fit but they were so tight and restricting I would be scared to walk, let alone sit down! It also gave me no bum whatsoever! I have to say I’ve never really got on with Zara jeans, but I thought it was worth trying. Also, they came up really small! Then the shirt has WAAY too much space in the top half and was super tight in the bottom half- overall a complete disaster!

High Rise Denim Slim Dit Jeans – £29.99

White Shirt – £19.99

Zara Outfit 2

Then, with this as the second outfit, I was beginning to despair a little! While the shirt is actually pretty cool, it somehow just didn’t work with these shorts. Whether it’s because I just haven’t seen myself in short in months, or whether it’s the colours just don’t quite match up- I’m not sure. Either way, the shirt is cool!

Printed Shirt – £25.99

High Rise Denim Short – £19.99

Zara Outfit 4

This is hands down my favourite outfit! Recycling the terrible shirt from the first outfit (which is the only thing that lets this down), I paired this with a slightly overpriced, but beautiful, long floral skirt and a ridiculously cheap, and also beautiful, mustard yellow coat!  Especially with this exceptionally warm weather we’ve been having recently, this is the PERFECT spring outfit!

Floral Print Skirt – £49.99

White Shirt – £19.99

Yellow Coat – £29.99

Zara Outfit 5

I lOVE this! So totally not my style, but it’s so so so cool! The colour is stunning, the fit it actually really nice and it’s pretty much the most comfortable thing I’ve ever worn! If you’ve got a spring/summer garden party to go to, I would highly recommend this!

Pleated Jumpsuit – £49.99

Zara Outfit 6

So.. this was fun! The black short sleeve top was a pretty basic one, and if I needed more black tops, I would have definitely picked this up! However… this dress… not a dress! Well at least, it doesn’t really work as one. If you step in the wrong way, your nickers are on show- and no one signed up to that! However, the pattern of it is pretty cool!

Black Short Sleeve Top – £12.99

Tweed Dress – £49.99

Zara Outfit 7

And last, but by no means least, a much more formal affair! I love this black dress, really sweet, really classy and such a great work dress! This coat would also make a really lovely spring coat! It feels super high quality and it’s actually a really nice length!

Black Lace Dress – £25.99

Grey Coat – £79.99

And that’s that… and yes, I know the ‘if you don’t find what you’re looking for….’ line is really annoying, but there’s nothing I could do about that!

What are you looking to get from Zara? And what shop do you want me to do next?

Katie x

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