Netflix Recommendations for Lockdown 2

For those of you who don’t know, the UK is a third of the way (pretty much) through their second national lockdown. And if, like me, you’ve completely finished your List on Netflix, I’m here to find you some new options! Netflix comes out with new content pretty much every day and so I have some new gems, but I’ve written many of these before, and you can read them here:

And here are my latest favourites!

Enola Holmes

I feel like this is one of Netflix’s greats! And not only because it’s actually a really good film, but because it genuinely doesn’t feel like Netflix. You’ve got big names, it’s cleverly directed and it feels like a big screen hit. And I mean no offence to Netflix (because by God am I a fan of them), but if you’ve seen it you’ll know what I mean! It’s also nice to watch something that’s like 2 hours of your life and then done.

Set It Up

Effectively a work place parent trap, I am such a fan of this film. I’ve actually watched it 3 times. The characters are endearing and it’s a chuckle funny film! You’ve got 2 exhausted PAs who set their bosses up on a date…and then I’m sure you can predict how it’s going to end. But it’s a great easy watch!

Emily In Paris

Could I talk about a Netflix recommended list and not mention this show? Probably not. This is such a bingeworthy TV show. An American who works in marketing moves to Paris for work without speaking a word of French… and it’s just a typical chickflick tv show! It’s definitely a guilty pleasure… you want to hate it, but something inside you just loves it! Also, as someone trying to learn French… I can relate to pretty much every struggle she has!


Ok, sometimes this show does get a little insane (with Gargoyle Kings and Serial Killers galore), but there is something quite addictive about it. You follow the lives of a group of teenagers in a pretty messed up town solving riddles and getting themselves into unimaginable trouble!

Selling Sunsets

What a trash tv show! And yet I love it! I mean you’re literally watching a group of glamorous women sell ridiculously priced properties, BUT it’s somehow amazing! It’s effectively a reality TV show where you follow the lives of these real women.. and the cat fights! Owch!

The Umbrella Academy

So if you’re looking for something you can actually watch with your other half, this is it. It’s like a cool superhero show with time travels and ends of the world and everything you need … well for a superhero TV show. But it has some amazing characters in it from Five to Klaus!

Modern Family

Not a Netflix original, but it is on Netflix. This is one of those classic American TV shows where there are a million episodes and it doesn’t matter too much if you watch them out of sync. You follow the live of a family with all their quirks and arguments from the judgy Granded to the gay son to the grandchildren! Love this show!


So this show is strictly speaking dubbed, but it’s done pretty well! Set in Spain, it follows the lives of kids in a very esteemed private school where someone seems to be murdered every season and you spend the season unravelling whodunnit!


A remake of the 1980s show of the same name, this is a GREAT show! It’s effectively two of America’s wealthiest families, the Carringtons and the Colbys, feud for control over their fortune and their children. And one of the main characters, Fallon Carrington, is just wonderful! Witty and intelligent… ah, love it!

What’s on your Netflix recommendation list?

Katie x

41 thoughts on “Netflix Recommendations for Lockdown 2

  1. Have only seen a couple of these but really enjoyed them both – definite soft spot for Millie Bobby Brown (not in THAT way but think she’s brilliant) so Enola Holmes was spot on but also think Modern Family is such a great series. Will have to look out for the rest!

  2. We’re definitely headed for a lockdown in the states too! I’m loving the Queen’s Gambit right now! Emily in Paris is next on my list!
    Caiti | Champagne & Postcards

  3. I love Selling Sunset and Dynasty. Highly highly recommend! Dynasty was kind of a surprise for me, but I started to sympathise with the main character who starts off as the show’s villain. I’m all caught up with it, but I think no matter what Fallon does in subsequent seasons, I’ll probably still be biased towards her.

    Thanks for sharing this list, all the best and stay safe in your second lockdown!

  4. I fancy The Umbrella Academy. I do tend to watcg Netflix films and series only by recommendations, instead of going for pot luck. Thanks for this, it looks really good.

  5. I have heard of some of those names but haven’t seen any of them…I like more of the sci-fi/futuristic shows like the 100, Lost in Space, Another Life, 3%, The Rain etc. Was thinking to try the Umbrella Academy at some point!!

  6. I have watched Schitt’s Creek 2 x now. lol. Also just finished the second season of Virgin River. Loved the Queen’s Gambit and My Octopus Teacher. Just watched the Fishermans Friends, though not sure this is your genre. YOU was good….looking forward to checking out Elite. Thanks for the recommendations!

  7. I was after some new things to watch actually! I loved Enola Holmes and here at home we are huge fans of the Umbrella Academy and Riverdale! Can’t wait for the new seasons! Thanks for sharing x

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